What should I do if ..

  1. I supposively purchased a JUICY bag from a lady off Craigslist 3 months ago.

    ( NEVER again will I buy anything from there...)

    It's been 3 months now, and I haven't received the bag, I asked her to refund my $, which is only $50. She was very slow on response and it took her forever.

    She agreed to refund my money, but its been weeeeeeeks now. 2 months ago she told me she would do BANK transfer sicne we both have BOA, and then tells me that something is wrong with it and it didnt work.....but I get bank transfers pretty often and its alwasy smooth! I emailed her, harassing her in a way, and asked her to please give me my $ back.

    She then, 2 weeks ago emails me, in short response :" Sorry had to wati til pay day, I will send it out tommorow."

    I have not yet received anything.

    3 months!!!!!!!!!!

    I know she's there and around, cuz I used her email to track her down on Myspace and she updates her page often. ( Not a stalker :wtf: )

    What should I do?

    I threatened her that I will take this into legal matters if I really have to.

    I kept all emails, and a copy of the check that she herself cashed and signed.

    :crybaby: :crybaby:

    I just want my $ back.

  2. This may sound harsh...But do you really want to start legal matters over a $50 bag that was more than likely fake anyway?

    If you've got her address, I would send her a very stern letter saying that you would like your money refunded ASAP and that you will NOT be letting up until you get your money.
  3. No i didnt think it was worth just for 50. I just threatened her to see if it would work! I emailed her giving her like 1 week or 2 to come thru. Its been forever...;/ I just dont think its right to take someones $ and not give it back as supposed to!
  4. Oh absolutely! It's definitely not right to take someone's hard earned money. I'm not really sure what routes you could take since you paid via check and it has already been cashed. Maybe talk to your bank about this? Let them know that you paid for an item via check and that you never received the item and you would like to know what types of routes they would suggest to get you your money back.
  5. See if you can press charges. Good Luck.
  6. Okay, she finally asnwered me, she admitted that she has no money and she offered to just sending me the bag, and she even offered me if I wanted her DOONEy bag...but I dont like Doony.

    Anyways, i asked her to send me more clearer pix with more detail, and then I'll post it on here to get soem help from u gals to help authenticate it! last time i posted up pics some of u guys said that it looked kinda werid...so if its looks ok this time, im just gonna take it than wait around for my $!

    will keep u guys updated. :smile:
  7. I didn't even realize people bought and sold handbags over craigslist...
  8. I didnt either, but one day I got curious n checked out the "clothes & acc" catagory n saw that one. I wouldnt recommend it though to anyone. ;/
  9. Craigslist is meant for transactions wehre you meet the seller in person and get to see the item up front.

    Craigstlist terms of service warns people to not send money over the internet and that any listing that says the item needs to be shipped is too risky to deal with and might just be a scam.

    Bottom line...don't use craigslist unless you're selling a car to locals or something.
  10. Yeah I think I learned my lesson.
  11. Ditto!:yucky:
  12. I think you should take legal action.
  13. Technically, you can take legal matters into yourself in conciliation court
  14. What I would do, (and have done) ....is send an email. If I don't get the refund I file complaints. Here is a copy of what I send, you edit out the parts you don't need.

    Dear Mrs X,

    I am unhappy with this transaction because ...... and I would like a refund. Please send a refund by xxx date or I will need to pursue this matter by other means and I prefer to save both of us the time and aggravation and resolve this matter amicably.

    If I do not hear from you by xxx date I will:

    1. File a Federal Mail fraud complaint with the Post Office (something has to have gone w/the post office, either your mailed payment or their shipment to you)

    2. File complaints with numerous federal and state agencies including, the Internet Fraud Complaint Center (FBI), Federal Trade Commission . . .)

    3. File a Fraud complaint with your local Police, XXX Dept. (you should tell them you're filing with THEIR police dept not yours)

    4.(Paid w/Paypal) File a Fraud/Refund request with Paypal


    4.(Paid w/check or bank m/o) I will contact my bank and instruct them to file bank fraud charges since this was a bank money order. In these cases it can result in your bank account being frozen and your entire ACH bank access being locked until the matter is resolved. They WILL contact your bank as well to report that you have fraudulently received and cashed or deposited payments at that institution.


    4.(Paid w/regular money order) I will contact the money order company that I purchased this from and file fraud charges against you. They WILL contact your bank if you deposited or cashed the money order through them.

    I will continue to follow this matter up and pursue it with any means necessary.

    I am looking forward to hearing from you by xxxx date with an expected resolution to this problem and information on when I will receive my refund.


    You name

    If I got no refund, I would file complaints, especially with her local police dept and the bank, for bank fraud.

    Internet Fraud:

  15. Craigslist, only buy items locally where you can pay cash for item in person.

    I would email this THIEF to give your $50. back immediately or you will be forced to take her to small claims and (with your evidence) she will have to not only pay the $50. plus any and all court costs.

    Whatever you do, don't give this person your account #, I think you said you bank at the same bank, right?

    It's not the money, it's the principal. Don't let her get away with it.
    Good luck!