What should I do? I need help from the expert Coachies!!

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  1. I need some bag advice. I got the large Carly in khaki/mahogany about 2 weeks ago. Then about a week ago I got the new Signature Stripe in khaki/mahogany. I still haven't used the signature stripe. I really like the bag but I am still trying to decide if I love it. I think I do but I am not sure. So anyway now I am eying the new Heritage Stripe. I really think I want one but if I get it will it be over kill in the khaki/mahogany color? I love color and wear colorful clothes. Colorful handbags catch my attention and I love the pink and red in the heritage stripe but for some reason I am a prude when it comes to handbags. I always stick with black or brown. because I think it is more practical to spend tons of money on a bag that goes with everything. I am not sure what I should do. I just wonder if it would be silly to have 3 signature bags in brown. I am even thinking about just exchanging the Sig stripe for the Heritage. I don't know what to do any opinions??? If I get a CPE then I would just get the Heritage stripe and keep the signature stripe too but I haven't gotten one yet. My biggest dilemma is the colors. I am such a plain jane when it comes to handbags!
  2. I can't make a choice for you (of course, haha!) but I can give my opinion. I'm the type of girl who finds it REALLY hard to buy anything but brown. A few weeks ago I realized everything in my collection was brown and that I was bored with it and needed something else.

    I got a black bag (which was a big step for me!) and then last week I got a red bag. I have to say that I NEVER knew how awesome owning a brightly colored bag would be, but I highly suggest stepping outside of your comfort zone and getting something in a color!

    Do you have colorful accessories? If not, maybe start with something small like a mini skinny or a wristlet and then work your way up to a bag.

    And while I think all 3 of those bags in khaki/mahogany are gorgeous and you should totally have them, I also think that you might eventually get bored with looking at the same thing and you'll regret your purchases.
  3. Honestly, and this is coming from the queen of neutral colors, I would not own three bags with the khaki/mahogany combo. I actually just got that heritage tote for Valentines Day in khaki/mahogany and it is beautiful. How about exchanging the sig stripe tote for another color - does it come in the black/gray combo? Thats fairly neutral, yet different than the other two. Also, the heritage stripe tote w/the white stripe is fairly neutral. I dont care for white bags, but if you can do a white bag, that might be an option too. Hmm, tough decision ahead for you!
  4. IMO, if you said you like the new signature stripe, but not sure about it, i would return that and get the new heritage stripe... i for one own a couple of bags in a couple of different colors, just the basics, black/brown/white... i LOVE color, but if your use to using the typical brown colors, there is nothing wrong w/it at all, maybe just try different shades of brown... like the whiskey or chocolate in a bag...?? IDK... I definitely think the Heritage Stripe would be a good selection! Good Luck on your decision!!
  5. Thanks girls. I am still not sure what to do. I think I am going to go back to the store and try on the Heritage Stripe and the Sig Stripe and ask the SA for an opinion. Do you think if I kept the sig stripe in the brown and have the Carly in the brown and then get the Heritage Stripe in a different color that would be enough difference?