What should I do, I feel Awful

  1. Hi all, I need some advice, I feel awful. So this may not be a bid deal for some of you but I went on the waiting list for an LV cup bag but Im awful at saving and I have spent some of my money and also I want some bags from eBay. I told the SA alot of times to phone me when the bag comes in but there is no way I will be getting it and I also dont really want it now as much as I want other bags. So what should I do ?, she is gunna ring me in march to tell me that my bag and scarf have come in...I want neither. Please help, I will feel awful.
  2. Well since it hasn't already come in yet, just call and tell her you changed your mind.
  3. Nah, don't feel awful! Just say you had a change in mind about your selections. No biggie. ;)
  4. ooo good idea, do you think that she will not put me on other waitlists ?
  5. Darn it, Reb!!! :p
  6. Of course not..it's better to call and let her know now instead of when the bag is already in.
  7. Haha what did I do now? :lol:
  8. thanks rebecca, thats a great idea :flowers:
  9. Just tell her politely that you've decided not to buy the bag and scarf. Why don't you do it now? There's no need to be emotionally and financially stressed over LV imho..
  10. yeah you are totally right...Im so stressed. Im going to call tomorrow because its closed now. Thanks :flowers:
  11. I agree it better to let them know before hand BUT are you !00% sure you don't want any???
  12. ITA! :yes:
  13. Im 99.9 % sure, but there is no way that I can get £375 before march 1st...its impossible for me lol. I had some money and I spent some of it and then I found some bags that I want from eBay more than I want the LV cup bag. Its a tough call but I think I will just have to decline the bag. Im going to die phoning them lol. :flowers:
  14. don't worry it's a nice store what've got your eye on??
  15. hmmm I'll PM you lol ;)