What should I do? (help)

  1. Ever since I bought the damier speedy 25, I have been wanting to get rid of it. It's was a bit too small for my size and I only used it once. I want to get a damier speedy 30. Does anyone know how I can they bag other than ebay? ( I am kinda afraid of ebay for so many reasons and from what I have read from this forum.)
  2. when did you buy your speedy? is it still possible to exchange it for the 30 in the LV store?
  3. try applying to the marketplaza!
  4. see it and then get the speedy 30. if you decide to buy through ebay, just make sure to buy from reputable sellers.

    but yes, try if you could still exchange it at the LV store.

    goodluck! :yes:
  5. I bought I bag when it came out in March. I don't know what the heck I was thinking! I should have listened to the SA for betting a bigger size than the speedy 25 because I am big myself.

    Thank you for your suggestion. I know so much at ease now.
  6. Apply for the Market Place, I'm sure someone will buy it off you.:yes:
  7. One of the thing I am very very afraid of is that I send out the bag, and weired person who bought it will say it's not authentic. I have heard a lot of people reporting fakes on ebay. But are they any "messed up buyers" out there purposely say they have received a fake and demands a refund, even the bag is real, than send a fake one to the seller?

    1. Am I thinking too much? Will marketplace protect the seller also?
    2. Where can I obtain an application?