What Should I Do?? HELP!!

  1. As you all may know, I took my Epi Speedy 25 to get hotstamped. I just got it back today from LV and when I got home and took a closer look I noticed that the letters were off centered and crooked :cursing: What should I do? I know that the hotstamping couldn't be fixed. Help!! Thanks.
  2. take it back and tell them, they have to fix something they did wrong
  3. take it back and tell them about maybe you can have the heatstamped part replaced. this is the reason I won't have anything other than luggage tags heatstamped
  4. I agree, you should for sure return to the boutique and ask them what they can do for you as it was their error. You don't want to be stuck with a bag that drives you crazy. I am sure they will be willing to help you. Please keep us posted in case other members have the same issue. TIA
  5. Ouch! I hope they make it right for you. Definately take it back. Did you have to sign a waiver or release for them prior to the stamping?
  6. No I didn't. This error doesn't really drive me crazy because I have an old Epi where the Black had gold hardware and all of the new ones have silver. And I love the gold. I heard that if they mess up they just give you a new one and do it again. So I really like the gold. It's going to be a hard choice!

    I'll keep you all posted!
  7. Where exactly is the heatstamp? Can't you ask them to replace only that part?
  8. I think they'll replace the item for you. They screwed up my heatstamping job last year too. Keep us posted!
  9. It is located on the patches on the speedy, where the handles lead too.
  10. That's awful. What did they end up doing? Replacing it?
  11. ^They offered to replace it, but I was too angry about the whole thing. The initials were crooked and barely there. I asked the SA if she could read it and she said she couldn't, but that's what she'd give to her customers. She was giving me the kind of glare and looked me from head to toe in this awfully rude manner so I asked for a cash refund.
  12. My heat stamped initials on my Pocket Agenda came out a little crooked.. but it didn't bother me much since I don't really see them at all. [The diary part covers it up.]
  13. have a picture of the stamp maybe you are exagerating?
    i got something heat stamped too and it came out not PERFECT but still didn't mind...
  14. After a night of sleep, i looked at it again this morning and I firgued that I can live with it...it really isn't that bad. I didnt want to get it replaced because I love the gold hardware. Thanks for all of the help!!
  15. Sometmes it's hard for it to be perfect. It is done by the SAs after all. If it's too crooked then let them know. If not then keep it.