What should I do? Help!!

  1. I bought the Legacy stripe wristlet durring PCE. I read on another thread that you can order the Legacy stripe framed coin purse from Coach. "pic of it down below" They are getting a shipment of them in.

    I don't feel like I need a wristlet and a coin pouch. Which one would you choose?

    I did just buy the Coach pink sig lanyard for my cell phone.
    Should I just return that and keep my wristlet and buy the coin pouch?
    I hate deciding!:sad:

    eBay: NEW COACH Legacy Stripe Framed Coin Wristlet 40239 Rare (item 1501098522
  2. wristlet... way more useful.. but coin pouch limited edition!
  3. I like the framed coin purse. :yes:
  4. You can really order this thru Coach? Is it the 1-800# from the website? What was the original price??
  5. $88 and yes, you can order over the phone but it's on backorder.
  6. Wow thanks! My daughter would LOVE this.
  7. It's a limited edition item? I didn't know that
  8. Anyone else have any ideas what I should do?
    I love your feedback.:heart:
  9. the framed coin purse and the other legacy stripe wristlet would be best and more useful i think.

    cute lanyards are easier to find
  10. I'm no help really because I've got both the small wristlet and the fold over flap wristlet and want to get the coin purse as well. I would use them for different purposes. The coin one I think I will use for coins. The small wristlet I use for odds and ends that get lost in the bottom of my purse. I know one of our other members uses the fold over wristlet as a wallet so you could do the same with the zip wristlet. But if I had to choose between the 2, I'd pick the coin wristlet because it's more unique.

  11. Seriously!??!!? I have been dying for this coin purse! I'll be calling tomorrow!!! I can't wait! (I can't believe that I missed the other posting that detailed this information!
  12. My vote is for the framed coin purse.......so darned cute!
  13. sorry im going to have to disagree :sad:

    I think the wristlet, i kinda think the zip pocket on the outside of the coin thing is weird looking,,,

    and i have the hamptons limited edition patent coin purse, and they arent that big i cant imagine what good an outside pocket would do on that,,,,

    i mean i guess its design but i think its kinda weird looking

    i would totallly keep the wristlet (and if you dont can i buy it ;) hehe)

    but seriously i think the wristlet is more useful and cuter