What should I do? Help pls?

  1. Hi Everyone, I need some advice...

    I picked up an ivoire epi soufflot a couple days ago and I absolutely love her; but now I'm wondering if I should exchange her for a jasmin in the same colour. Now before you think I'm terrible for thinking about giving up something I absolutely love...please listen to my reasoning. I am seriously considering getting an ivoire petite noe, and I was thinking that since that's a shoulder bag, I should perhaps exchange my soufflot for a handheld jasmin that is about the same size. Does that make sense? Or do you think the soufflot is just as nice handheld and would balance well with the petite noe?

    I am also thinking about the ivoire passy and soufflot combination. The passy seems like such a practical everyday back and forth between work bag; but definitely not as "cute" as the petite noe......

    Here's something else I'm considering: the ivoire speedy 25. I have a black epi speedy 25, a damier speedy 30, and I'm the waitlist for an azur speedy 25, would an additional ivoire epi speedy 25 be total speedy overkill?

    What should combination should I go for?
    1) soufflot and petite noe
    2) jasmin and petite noe
    3) soufflot and passy
    4) soufflot and speedy
    5) speedy and petite noe

    wow...I'm sound crazy even to myself.....:nuts:

    Pls help.....
  2. I'd go for 1.:heart:
    I got the soufflot and thinking about to get the noe.
  3. #1...........Keep the soufflot and get the noe!
  4. Personally, I'd get the Passy and Jasmin... but as this is not in your list, my vote for No. 2!
  5. I would either do #1

    or get the Jasim and the Soufllot
  6. I would go for a handheld and a shoulder so I think the Soufflot / Speedy combo.
  7. Get the speedy and soufflot. If I had a job I would definitely get all of it.
  8. soufflot and noe

  9. :yes: ITA
  10. 613- you helped me decide to get my Ivoire Noe. Thanks so much. :flowers: I should be getting mine by this Wednesday. I will post pics for sure. Actually, I couldn't decide between the black and the ivoire, so I did what any sane ( or insane.. you decide :graucho: LV lover would do... I ordered both.
  11. soufflot and petite noe
  12. I would go for the Jasmin and Petit Noe. :yes: Please let us know what you end up getting!
  13. I vote for "Passy & Petit Noe".

    So, you will have handbag & shoulder bag.
  14. How about the jasmine/soufflot combination. I have that combo in mandarin, and I have discovered that I love both bags. Just a suggestion.
  15. #3, those are my two faves in the epi line