What should I do guys??

  1. Ok so I help major help!

    I really want a mono speedy 30 and I was going to get it before feb 1st but now that I saw the new spring line I really want the mono dentelle speedy 30. So do you guys think I should just wait to get the mono dentelle which is double the price of the mono speedy or should I get the mono and use the money to buy another bag??

    :sos: Mono dentelle OR Mono speedy and a Gucci??
  2. Mono speedy and a Gucci.
  3. mono speedy and gucci. but if you really like and want the dentelle more you should go for that
  4. If you really like the mono dentelle speedy, I would just save for that. It will be something different from the regular mono (although I have and love the reg. mono).