What should I do/get?


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May 25, 2006
Asia & U.S.
I'm craving a bag, again - not as badly as I'm craving my dream job though ... However, having a nice bag in my hands right now will serve as a darn good distraction.

As you know, I love Bolides. I've been hunting for a fuchsia ostrich Bolide 31cm for a long time now. My SA from another store said that it may come any day now.

And then, at that very moment, I had second thoughts.:wtf:

I know, me, Kou Kanamiya, having second thoughts about a fuchsia ostrich Bolide 31cm that I have been hunting for for close to a year! What is happening?!

Here's the thing. One of my SAs from out of country mentioned at one point that she felt that for bags that are not Birkin or Kelly, it's best to get them in regular leather and invest the rest of the money on exotic Birkin and Kellys because the latter two are much harder to get. I didn't pay much attention to her for the longest time because i wanted every bag I get to be a fuchsia exotic, but then somehow, it sunk in a few days ago

Now I'm torn. My local store is getting in a Rose Shocking Chevre Bolide 31cm sometime next year, so the fuchsia ostrich Bolide 31cm will most likely come before that. I don't know which I should get.

This is further complicated by the possibility that I MAY be able to place a croc order at next Podium. My SA said she would try and it depends on whether the croc is available. Now I'm really not sure whether she means it since I just never know which part is true and accurate when it comes to my local store ...

So here's the dilemma ... I'm concerned that if I get the Rose Shocking Bolide 31cm and save at least $5000 from doing so, I am going to be very very annoyed if the fuchsia croc never comes to fruition (they never did give my friend a confirmation for her SO) ... HOWEVER, I'm concerned that if I get the fuchsia ostrich Bolide 31cm and somehow my SA came t hrough for me, then I'm not going to have enough money for the fuchsia croc bag.

Problem here is there's no way to know for sure whether my SA will come through and I don't want to end up making the wrong choice ... In a nutshell, I'll be happy with fuchsia ostrich Bolide 31cm if I cannot get a fuchsia croc Birkin at this time; and I will be happy with Rose Shocking Bolide 31cm if I can get a fuchsia croc Birkin; yet I will be pretty darn annoyed if I miss out on the croc Birkin because of the fuchsia ostrich Bolide just like I will also be equally annoyed if I miss out on fuchsia ostrich Bolide simply because I THOUGHT the fuchsia croc Birkin will come through ...

So, what do you suggest that I do? Get the fuchsia ostrich Bolide or trust my SA that they will put in an order for me for a croc during next Podium?


Feb 28, 2006
at the bottom of a cup of Jasmine Pearl
Whoa. My head is spinning!! Okay, Kou - I totally see the pickle you're in.
My vote would be for a Rose shocking or fuchsia chevre Bolide 31 and see what happens with the croc.
Because you want a fuchsia ostrich Kelly sellier 28 AND Birkin 30 or HAC, personally I think that's enough fuchsia ostrich. But a fuchsia ostrich Kelly, fuchsia croc Birkin and Rose Shocking chevre Bolide sounds like a more rounded collection even though they are all pink.
This is though!!! I just want you to get a beautiful bag soon!
And about the changing your mind? Oh Lordy - I do it all the time. My SA knows this by now and is quite amused by it!!


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Jul 7, 2006
Kou- i say get the Rose Shocking Chevre Bolide. it sounds so dreamy anyway. I agree with GT- too many Fuschia Ostrich bags- Rose rounds out the collection. As far as the SO- a Fuschia Croc Birkin sounds so much more special that it's worth waiting for. Just let your SA know your confusiona nd tell her how you are really depending on her to come through for you. And maybe she'll try extra hard to push it. Or you can try Star's SA who offered her a croc SO!:kiss:


Mar 6, 2006
My head is spinning too! ;) I would vote for the Rose Shocking because I saw a tiny Bolide in that color and it was *gorgeous*!!! :love:


It is what it is
May 25, 2006
Asia & U.S.
I just have a crazy idea ...

What if ...

I ask my SA for a fuchsia croc JPG Birkin?:nuts:

I figure if I'm going to have to wait and wonder whether the order got placed regardless of what bag combo it is, may as well try for something truly spectacular and unusual.

Now if somehow all the bags on my list showed up at the same time next year, I'm going to be in big trouble ...


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Apr 8, 2006
Get the Bolide! I voe BOlide in Chevre!

...Whoa...let me put the "t" in there..... I vote Bolide in Chevre!!!!


Jul 16, 2006
Do not buy anything now; just keep saving money.

Go in to the store at the time of the next podium with a huge wad of cash, wave it in the SA's face and say, " I would like a fuschia croc Birkin and I can pay for it right now!"

That way, you get the best bag money can buy, in your favourite colour and you will convince the SA to actually place the order.

You also will not end up with any 'make-do' purchases that you may regret in the future.


Jan 22, 2006
Kou, maybe you should get the bag that you have always been coveting -- the Bolide fuschia ostrich?!

Correct me if I am wrong, but aren't both the chevre and Birkin a bit of a compromise for you?!

In any event, I am so happy that you have a SA that is helping you get your bag. I hope you have the same luck with respect to your job!
Jan 29, 2006
Now if somehow all the bags on my list showed up at the same time next year, I'm going to be in big trouble ...
Um...WARNING....WARNING...that's what happened to me!

3 bags in one year...I have to wait FOREVER now before I can even consider my next purchase, however since these were on my list, I found the money and made it happen because I don't want to pay for price hikes or risk having my dream bags pass by never to return.

Kou - my advice - pick three bags that you MUST have and if they arrive, buy them. Don't do an "if this, then I'll buy that" scenario, etc.

Is a 31 cm fuschia ostrich bag on your top 3 list? Yes, then get it...if that bag has been replaced in your heart with the Rose Shocking...get that INSTEAD of the ostrich. The fuschia croc seems to always be there - so that's a no-brainer...it will take years to come in anyway.

Make that list - stick to it - rejoice if they come in - don't compromise for "what ifs"!

PS - On another note, IMHO...I love ostrich on Bolides...they are such simple bags - the ostrich really makes them pop!

HTH! :yes:


Jul 27, 2006
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Here is something I just came across that might help. Take a moment, or a few, to ponder this:

The well-diverted senses have no need of the consolations of excess and inferior experience.


Aug 13, 2006
I generally dont give advice but (dont worry Kou, I am not going to suggest housecleaning this time), echoing frenchchiefan and gina-b say, I think its best to regard every purchase as a "standalone" transaction and not go down the road of tradeoffs based on what else you think may or may not be in prospect. In other words, assume that everything, and nothing, is possible. E.g., ask yourself: if i could have any other bag i wanted too, would i still buy this bag? if something else came along later, would i still like and want to keep this bag? is there anything else that could come along that would make me wish i hadnt bought this bag? if this ended up being the only bag i had, would i still like it? I have found that the only time I have make a mistake is when I avoided these questions, particularly the second one, which i feel is the most critical. I hope this helps. I honestly think that of what you have mentioned, there are no bad choices here and if you bought any of them it would not be a mistake, but i also think if you pass on the first one (that was the goat i think), one or more of the exotics will materialize in the future. Or you may find that you like the goat so much it diverts your attention from the ostrich or even a croc. Probably not, but its a possibility.


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May 31, 2006
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Kou I recently saw the rose shocking in chevre, (wallet) near a fushia ostrich (plume), and the fushia looked pale and "washed out" next to the rose...I would vote rose shocking all the way!