What should I do for my 16th birthday?

  1. Hey guys! So, my 16th birthday is on July 8th and I want to do something fun...but I dont know what!

    I dont want to have a big party or anything, just something with my parents (that probally sounds kinda lame but oh well haha)

    At first I had thought about going on a shopping spree in st. louis but then I thought that maybe I shouldnt spend a ton of money on a bunch of clothes that might not fit/be in style after a year...so thats kind of a waste.

    anyways I have no idea so any help would be greatly appreciated!

    oh and nothing TOO outrageous, I mean my parents are generous but nothing like redicuosly expensive. thank you!
  2. IMO there is nothing better than going out for a nice dinner with your family! I do that every year and I love it! x
    Happy Bday btw!
  3. happy birthday.
    ITA with luva pug. go and have your fav food with your family. there is nothing better than feeling full and happy.
  4. Happy Birthday.
    Your reasons against the shopping spree sound valid, so I agree with the dinner with your parents. Maybe you guys could go to a fancy restaurant. Maybe instead of a giant shopping spree, your parents could get you one nice outfit.