What should i do ...dont love my unused ebene birkin no more....

  1. Please help me....i bought a j stamped ebene vache ligee 35 birkin at the beginning of the summer put it away for autumn and forgot about it what with my black jpg sb...took it out today and thought oh no dont think i am going to use you ever ... what would you do ...should i wait a while and use her or should i try to sell or just use her and maybe grow to love her ...:crybaby:
  2. Sell it.
  3. I would give it some time before you make any decisions. If you still don't love it after a bit, then I would return her for a credit or try to sell her on ebay!!! Good luck!!!
  4. looks like you've already reached your decision...you said you forgot about it.
    And looks like you already thought you are not going to use her so why not sell it and get something that you use daily?
    I say sell it. :yes:
  5. Donate her to a kind, loving PFer who will love her forever:yahoo:

    ......sorry, I am on a Hermes high!
  6. i second that!!!
  7. boo hoo i wanted someone to say KEEP HER....dont think i could ask for a store credit its been over 6 mths although she has still got on all her plastic ...will make a decision tonite.....:confused1: :yes:
  8. Too bad you cant return her to get store credit. I was gonna say give it some more time to see if your feeling's changing, perhaps a few weeks.

    What made you buy it in the 1st place if you dislike it so much? Such a pity, ebene is a very pretty color.. but what can I say, the decision is yours.. Maybe it's best not to rush, I was getting a tiny bit worried when you said the decision is tonight. I just dont want you to regret anything later on, that's all..

    Sorry I cant help much..
  9. Keep her. I felt the same way about my 35cm Kelly and left her in the closet for YEARS!!! I pulled her out Sat to use, and guess what? I'm in LOVE.:heart:

    You may change your mind.:flowers: Dont' do anything rash.
  10. These are such timeless bags, BG, that you could just put her away for a long sleep and surprise yourself with a "new" treat somewhere down the road. There may come a day when you'd like a change from the JPG~~believe it or not!! :P
  11. I agree with most - sell it. I realize it's hard to come by, but if you don't love it, why have it sit in a closet? This is my new mantra....sell, sell, sell.
  12. I too think you should sell her. I bought a rouge h vl Kelly.Knowing that I am not a burgandy person thinking I would change my mind.And It is still in the box stored and has never been outside of the house.I was taking it out of the box and looking at it once in awhile. Now I think I have compleatly lost interest in the bag all together.:love:
  13. I have to say...as expensive as that bag is and you forgot about it...you know your answer to your own question.
  14. Too bad it wasn't a Rouge H/Garance/Vif Birkin, otherwise I'd be more than happy to take it off your hands!!

    I agree, sell it - I can't imagine *forgetting*:nuts: a Birkin in my closet! Maybe an LV, but a Birkin?? Anyway, I think that's defintely a sign. Some colors just don't really speak to you, and it sounds like the Ebene is better off in another home. Good luck with your decision!
  15. I have a 35cm choc Vache Liegee and I think I can identify with your feelings of doubt. I think on one hand, you are proud being the owner of a very expensive new leather. But on the other hand, you are not used to the texture of VL perhaps because you have other softer leathers to smell and touch. I think part of the 'confusion' or 'uncertainty' stems from the fact that not many people own it now, and you have not been reading praises about the wonderful leather you think you own.

    This is what I suggest you do - bring it out just once and then decide. :yes: :P

    I am keeping mine and I love it. :heart: