What should I do?? DILEMMA!!

  1. Here is the dilemma....

    I bought the Mono Speedy 30, Porte-Tresor International Wallet, and the Pochette Cosmetique a little over a week ago. I desperatly want the Lockit Horizontal too. Should I:

    1. Return Speedy and Cosmetique for a credit and buy the Lockit Horizontal?
    2. Keep Speedy and Cosmetique and sell my Batignolles Horizontal for the funds for LH?
    3. Keep everything and save for LH, knowing this will take at least 6 months!

    Of course, I am a brat and want it all. I know I would eventually get it all but I am uber impatient!! What should I do??

  2. i say keep it all or sell bh
  3. wait and just enjoy what you have now.
  4. I have two suggestions both involving keeping it all! lol... either 1: keep it all and sell BH or 2: keep it ALL and save up! Wanting it badly enough will make you save more anyways!! ;) Good luck and congrats on your recent purchases!
  5. keep it all and wait for your new one
  6. Keep it all and SAVE!!! Give this some thought: Will you regret selling the pieces you mentioned? Will you eventually want to buy them back?

    I say these things because that's exactly how I would be.. I sell to fund something else.. then I regret it!
  7. I would keep what you bought. Much more classic, beautiful pieces. The horizontal lockit isn't actually one of my favorites. It just seems kind of bulky and huge and the vachetta all over the bottom would scare me to death. I love what you already bought!
  8. Keep and save! If you have the same LV addiction a lot of us do, once you get a new one, in minutes you're lusting after your next! You have to work through it!:p
  9. I would keep it all and save of the lockit
  10. Option 3, OFCOURSE:rolleyes:!!!
  11. thats what i would do too:yes:
  12. Keep it all and save!! You just have to pace yourself and learn to enjoy the bags you have.
  13. save up! you might regret selling your stuff
    6 months isn't that bad, the bag won't be gone by then!
    good luck saving!!
  14. keep it all and save for 6 months to get the lh.

  15. :tup: