what should i do ? buy or no buy

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  1. should i buy this i like it but i dont now

  2. no BUY
  3. the picture isn't working?
  4. Can't see the product.
  5. this?
  6. No!
  7. i don't care for that line...but someone here just bought one today and really loves it. if you like it and can afford it, that's all that matters and you should get it. :smile:
  8. I'm not a pink person and it's too small for me (only like big bags), so if you are...go for it!
  9. If I had the disposable income I probably would buy it for Spring and Summer. It is kinda catchy.
  10. I don't like it but if you do, go for it.
  11. If I dun have the MONO Pochette, I will but it too.
  12. Don't buy! I don't find the perforated line very appealing at all. Do you recall the FOX show "When Animals Attack...?" Well this looks more like "When a 3 Hole Puncher Attacks."
  13. I don't like the perforated line at all. If I had a lot of money just to collect then maybe. So my answer is NO!
  14. I don't like it but if you feel you must have it then go for it!
  15. I say if youre even considering this item its because you have some sort of inclination towards it. Like I have said before, when I saw the Perforated Line IRL the only pieces I loved were the pochette and the cles. The pochette is really darling IRL...go for it! You'll love it....:love:

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