What should I do about water-stained calfskin?

  1. My bag got splashed and now there are droplet stains everywhere. I tried a leather cleaner and it didn't seem to help. Would a moisturizer help?
  2. I don't know what to think that 32 people read this, yet no one posted anything. The bag I am asking about is Marc Jacobs. If someone wants to PM me and inform me that I said something here to offend someone, that would be great. I have no clue.
  3. I think you got no replies cuz no one knows what to do. I've taken all my MJ bags in the rain and have yet to receive water marks. You can always try a local shoe repair shop and see if they can help with the laether. Sorry I couldn't be more useful.
  4. I think harlem cutie is right - a shoe GOOD shoe repaier should be able to help!! good luck
  5. Thank you for the advice. :idea:

    It's just this one bag that has been a problem.
  6. what style is it?
    sorry about the water :sad:
  7. Same as what Harlem_cutie said; a lot of members checked out this thread hoping that someone has a solution to your problem too.

    Sorry to hear about your stains & couldn't help.
    I personally wouldn't dare to fix it myself (afraid to make it worst), I suggest taking it to a leather cleaner.

    Which MJ bag is this? Mind telling us? =)