What should I do about this? Need some help

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  1. I recently won a purse on Ebay for $40. It's an older purse and I thought I was getting a great bargain. The seller said that it "looked to be gently used" and only stated that it had lost one of it's rhinestones.
    I didn't ask for any additional pictures because I thought for $40 I couldn't lose.

    Well---when I got the purse and looked inside I saw that the lining has many red ink marks-one side especially!!! Very noticeable-obviously she couldn't miss them and choose not to disclose them!

    I emailed her two days ago and haven't heard a word back! I like the purse and want to keep it but I feel she needs to offer me some sort of partial refund . I'm not even sure I would have bid on it had I seen those marks! I guess I'm feeling reluctant about all this because I only paid $40--not $400!!

    Should I email her again and mention the particle refund? I'd be happy with $10 back.

    It's beyond me how a seller can just ignore emails like this

    Any advice would be greatly apprecaited. TIA
  2. I'd email once more advising her that if you don't hear anything back within 24 hours you'll open a SNAD dispute.
  3. Regardless it's $40 or $400 worth of an item, seller can't just ignore your e-mail.
  4. The seller is probable hoping since it was "only" 40 dollars that you will just give up and go away.....
    Send another email saying the you will rightfully open a SNAD, that might prompt a response.
  5. Thank you all for your suggestions. She still has not replied so I am going to email her again.
    All I wanted was for her to acknowledge what happened--not blow me off like this!!
    This seller has 100% feedback so I'm puzzled as to why she wouldn't want to work this out with me.
  6. ^^I am sure she had some type of "familiy emergency" as they all do when they take forever to respond.
    Anyway, how much was the original retail of the bag? I mean, are you saving a substantial amount or was it only like 70 bucks to begin with?
  7. Thank you everyone for the help you have given me.
    The seller contacted me after I emailed her this morning and offered me a partial refund of $10 which I have accepted.
    I plan on leaving her positive feedback -after I receive my refund!
  8. Oh well, 25 % refund isn't bad !
  9. She was quite easy to work with and has already sent me my refund.

    I am very glad everything ended so positively!:biggrin:
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    Some sellers get very indignant, in situations like this and start saying things like; 'But it was only $x!' as if that makes any difference.

    All sellers are required to fully disclose all wear and damage, whether the item is worth $4 or $400,000 and if they choose not to, the buyer is entitled to a full refund, including original shipping fee.

    The seller is not required to agree to a partial refund, however, but may still choose to do so, if she feels it's less hassle than relisting.

    If you would still prefer a partial, rather than a full, refund - try to ask for one that would reconcile the price with that of a similar bag in its actual condition.

    If the seller continues to not respond, file a SNAD dispute with eBay.

    ETA - Whoops! See the seller has already partially refunded - glad it all worked out, in the end! :biggrin:

  11. You are really jumping the gun here. Not all sellers are at their computer 24/7, perhaps your seller lives in the East Coast and has problems with electric due to the huge snowstorm?

    If you really like the bag use some hairspray on the ink stains, it works frequently.
  12. ^ If, as a seller, you fail to disclose that a bag has many ink stains, you are bound to make your buyer feel very insecure and suspicious about the type of seller you are (i.e. less than honest).

    Therefore, when you don't respond within 2 days, of course the buyer will tend to worry that you are ignoring them on purpose (even if you're not).

    If sellers want buyers to be patient with them, they need to ensure that they are giving them no call to be otherwise.
  13. Thanks again for the insights! As I mentioned the seller and I have worked everything out to our mutual satisfaction.
  14. ^ No problem! :flowers: