What should I do about my Edith??

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  1. Hi all!! First of all I would just like to tell everyone how much fun I have reading all of your postings. Anyway, I am pretty new to this and have a problem maybe you all could help me with. I have a whiskey Edith that I got from NM online back toward the end of April. It was sheer luck that I got it (I found it will at home on my lunch break). The bag is great, and most of all I love the color!! However, through reading all of you guys postings I am wondering if I should return my edith, and get the whiskey paddington?? I can't get both because I am broke as a joke!! I got the edith (my first high end bag) as a treat to my self after I got my tax return money. I teach pre-k children, and though I had been kicked and beaten up enough over all my years of doing this that I deserved it. Part of me feels like I am holding on to in because its so hard to find, and I got one!! However, it does sort of bother me that I have to carry it on my arm...it tends to get heavy at times. My other question is will NM even take it back to exchange after I have had it this long. I still have all my tags and billing statement. I wish I could afford to just get another bag, and keep my edith...but thats not going to happen. I would LOVE some feed back from you all.:love:
  2. If the tags ae still attached they will take it back. Have you seen a paddy IRL. I have both the whisky paddy and the edith and I love the paddy a lot more. I can carry my paddy on my shoulder and the edith just reminds me too much of a briefcase and since I have to carry a briefcase all the time it's not something I want to carry. Good luck.( I want a bag to remind me of fun, not of work)
  3. NM should take it back if it has all the tags and everything else to it. I would talk to the customer associate first though. Their stores don't have an expiration on returns as long as the bags are in unused condition and still have tags, I can't imagine the NM online being any different but you never know. I think they would be more willing to do it for you since you are exchanging it for a different bag vice for a return altogether.

    The paddington is heavier though than the Edith, but atleast you can sling it onto your shoulder. The whiskey in the paddington is different from the whiskey on the Edith too. It's definitely more orangish and brighter (though I love it so!!!)

    Good luck with your decision. And please post pics!!!
  4. I actually don't think it#s o.k. to return a bag you already use a couple of months because that's pretty unfair towards the next owner or the shop. I don't mean to offend you but I have problems to understand the return-mentality some girls have. I guess it's because the US retailers are very generous because here in Germany you can just return an item if it has a defect or if it's a present. So before buying something you have to be really sure what you want. Anyway the paddy is heavier than the Edith and even if you can carry it over your shoulder it's not fun to do so for hours. I vote for keeping the Edith and buying a paddy next year with your tax returns. Good luck!!
  5. Just sell it as second-hand on Ebay :smile:
  6. How many times have you carried the bag? I think if you have only carried the bag 2-3 times, you should not feel guilty for exchanging it for one you will be able to use more or that fits your needs more. If you have carried it everyday, however, and have simply changed your mind, maybe ebay would be a more forthright option.
  7. How long have you had it?
  8. I don't think it matters. Neimans doesn't re-sell their returns.. I found this out because I ordered a bunch of stuff and they sent me a pair of D&G jeans that were missing hardware and tags. Of course I called to complain and the customer service person was like, we don't resell the returns so i wondered how that happened.

    They probably send all returns to the outlet or something. And there's no time limit for returns at NM... customer satisfaction is #1.

    I think you should keep the edith though. It's an ideal day to day purse. The paddy i heard is very very heavy.
  9. Actually, I found the Paddy to be lighter or easier to carry than teh Edith (because you can wear paddy on your shoulder). When I first got my Edith, I was thrown off by how awkward it was for me to carry. So I returned it. I was hesitant about trying the paddy, because I too was afraid that it would be too heavy. BUT I finally caved and got the Mousse Paddy which I absolutely adore! IT is not anywhere near as heavy as I thought it would be, and in fact, have really enjoyed carrying her!
  10. Neimans on-line totally resells returns. I received a whiskey paddy with signs of wear on the corners and an ivory paddy with starbucks napkins inside the pocket. If the bag has been out in public, its used and I would not feel right returning it (even if I took out all the napkins) :lol:
  11. NM definitely sells their returns that they get at the store as well. The SA that I bought my Gaucho from told me it was a return. It had blue denim transfer on the back as proof. I returned an older Chanel that I never used and it was out on the shelf that evening.
  12. I'm not sure if you said you have used the bag. But if you have used it, I think it depends on the SA who takes it back. When I returned a Kooba bag that I bought online to the Customer Service dept, the rep didn't even look at it. She just called corporate to let them know I was bringing it back and gave me a receipt. If you haven't worn the bag, I don't see why they would give you a difficult time if you have your receipt.

    IMO, the paddy is def heavier than the Edith. The advantage to the paddy is if the lock becomes too heavy, you an take off the lock and tuck the flap inside and you can wear it on your shoulders. Good luck on your decision.
  13. Sorry, I guess I should have told every one that I have only carried it two maybe three times for the simple reason of not knowing if I was going to keep it or not. I don't want everyone to think I'm some loser that would return a used bag:sad: I would not DARE bring a bag like that to work where someones kid could color or do god knows what else to it. I feel like when I bought the bag I liked it, but am wondering if I am holding on to it for the simple reason of just having it?? I feel like if I send it back I will have made a mistake. The other thing I forgot to add as to why I have not carried it is because I feel as though I might have gotten someones used/return bag because my sticthing on one of the handles from day one has looking like it was coming loose!! I actually called NM several times to find out if my bag was in fact a return or not and no one got back to me. I feel like I spent all this money on a bag that is just sitting in my room, and that is why I am wondering if I should go with another after hearing how much you all love your paddies. So sorry again if anyone thought I was trying to return a used bag:flowers:
  14. If you're not crazy about it, then return it. It doesn't make sense to hang onto a bag just because you need to "have" it.....you need to love it and use it. If not, take that baby back!!! I sometimes get caught up in the hype myself over certain bags and then regret keeping them because they're just not for me in the end.
  15. I agree you should return it. But I'd really try out the Paddy in person to make sure it is something you'd really use. All the posts here made me want to want a Paddy, but when I tried them out in person, I just couldn't get into them. I tried and tried, different style Paddies, different colors... nope, nothing. Didn't get the love. The Edith, however, it was love at first sight/touch. Heart racing, drooling, the whole thing. DH said I have been molesting my Chocolate Edith since her arrival two days ago. LOL.