what should I do about Mono Speedy 25?

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  1. I have the Damier 25 speedy and the Mono speedy 30. I love my mono 30 but find that it is too big for my needs on a regular basis. My damier 25 is the perfect size. I do love the look of the Mono 30 but sometimes I think I don't fill it enough to carry it. Do any of you who have the 30 not fill it much but are not bothered to carry it? I usually carry: Koala wallet, cell phone, small cosmetic bag, bottled water.
    And do you think I should get the Mono 25 speedy too even though I already have the Mono 30? I feel like it is kind of dumb since this would be a big purchase for me (i usually only buy LV when I get my annual bonus) and I already have something so similar?
  2. IMO, since you don't buy them often... you should go for something different...


    you could sell you mono 30 and buy the 25! with a bit left over to get soemthing else too! :tup:
  3. Agreed! Sell the 30 and buy the 25 and perhaps use it for a cles or even towards another bag!!!
  4. That would be the logical thing to do , but I just can't part with my Mono Speedy 30! I love it and keep thinking that it is nice to have it onhand in case I carry more items some days!
  5. truthfully, i really dont use my 25 now.

    I have both monogram 30 and 25, and the 25 is too small and i never use it anymore.

    I have been using my 30 for 6 months now and the 25 is in its dustbag in the closet.

    Hope this helps; remain with the 30, its a winner for sure!
  6. Its always nice to have a chice. Having both the 25 nd 30 gives you that, so when you want something bigger for shopping for when you need to carry a sweater. Congrat's on both bags and enjoy!

  8. just like u.. i have the damier speedy 25 and mono 30...
    i just the 25 a lil bit because its low maintenance... but then again, i'll never give up my mono 30 because i really like the size of it...

    and ive never fill up my bag anyway,.. usually i'll just bring along my ipod, wallet, cles, water bottle, ds lite, a jacket and makeup pouch.. sometimes my agenda as well...and they fit really well...
  9. My mom has the Mono Speedy 25, and the Azur and the Damier Speedy 30s....

    I think you should sell ur 30 and buy the 25 IMO
  10. I don't carry lots either. I can't even fill my mono 25, so I bought the damier 25 too. I love the look of the 30, but for me it's not practical!
  11. I know everyone loves the 30 but honestly I prefer the 25. The 30 is huge to me and more like luggage than an everyday handbag. The 25 holds SO much yet still is cute and can go from day to evening. (To me the 30 is too big for night time). The 25 is absolutely perfect and it's amazing how much I can fit in it. I would buy it all over again. Good luck with your decision!
  12. I had the same problem too!! I had 25 in damier, and 30 in mono.... It seemed like I was using the 25 much more, so I gave up my 30 in order to get another bag in a different design, so now i have TWO different bags! :biggrin: Perhaps it might be a good thing if you think about it that way? :biggrin:
  13. Thanks all!!! I am definetly keeping the MOno 30 but will visit LV soon and "look" at the Mono 25 and see if my gut tells me to buy it right then or not!!
  14. I think thats a good idea, go and check out the mono 25. It isnt stupid to get another one, lots of people on this forum have multiple speedies, it is such a great and practical bag. I find that i dont really carry much either, the 25 is the perfect size for me and i never fill that up, I usually only carry phone, cles, ipod.