what should I do about Mono Speedy 25?

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  1. I have the Damier 25 speedy and the Mono speedy 30. I love my mono 30 but find that it is too big for my needs on a regular basis. My damier 25 is the perfect size. I do love the look of the Mono 30 but sometimes I think I don't fill it enough to carry it. Do any of you who have the 30 not fill it much but are not bothered to carry it? And do you think I should get the Mono 25 speedy too even though I already have the Mono 30? I feel like it is kind of dumb since this would be a big purchase for me (i usually only buy LV when I get my annual bonus) and I already have something so similar?
  2. Sorry this is a double post thread!! I didn't realize it went through the first time. Sorry!!