What should I do about Fendi??!!!

  1. As some of you may know, I sent the choc spy back as I was not 100% happy with it. Fendi have said that they do not do refunds and so I have store credit which I am going to use to get another spy. I am considering the honey spy as I think it is very versatile, but what do you guys think? Is this the best everyday colour? I want to use it for both day and night time use, so I want it to stand out. :yes: :flowers:

    My big problem is that I have to order it over the telephone as Fendi is a long way from me and so this is the only option. I have had so much hassle with the snotty SA'S at Fendi and I rang today to enquire about what spies where available and was told that because I 'do not seem to be happy' with what they send out I should go in person to see for myself. I tried to explain that that was impossible but the SA was so rude and was not at all forthcoming with any information. :rant:

    I have not been bad mannered or rude when I have rang Fendi. All I have asked is that before sending the bags out can they please check the hardware and handles etc,. Fairly reasonable requests, but this appears to have been a problem for the Fendi SA'S and they have not carried out these requests, hence the bag having to be returned 3 times. The first time they sent the bag out to me there was a tear in the handle (which the SA said she had not noticed!), the second time had marks over it. :rant:

    Has anyone else had this problem with Fendi in London?! :shocked:

    Any help/opinions on this will be so much appreciated. xx
  2. Call and ask to speak to the manager immediately.....Tell him/her what is going on..You will be treated like royalty on your next sale....
  3. seriously. ask for a manager. for 2K you should receive a bag you're happy with! end of discussion. definitely ask the SA for her/his name too!
  4. I'm sorry to hear your quest for the perfect spy bag has been treated with such disdain by the SA's. Please do request for the manager and make your concerns known. For the amount you're spending, the spy you receive should be above your expectations
  5. Next time someone is snotty and unhelpful, make sure to get the person's name so you can tell the manager who was helping (or rather, not helping) you. I would also take the time to write a letter addressed to the store manager and to corporate about having to have to go through the hassle of returning your bag three times.
  6. Don't accept that service, or should I say lackthereof! That's unbeilievable that someone would treat you poorly after that kind of a sale!
  7. Yes, speak only with the manager directly and inform him/her of the treatment you've received from the staff. For that amount of $$$$ you're shelling out, I would want 100% satisfaction with the merchandise I am purchasing! Goold luck, Chloe Starlet, and please keep us posted on this.
  8. I agree. Talk to a manager. It is an expensive bag and it should be inspected thoroughly before it is sent out. Keep us posted.
  9. Talk to the supervisor. I've been to Fendi everywhere and they've always been very helpful. This should be a one-off thing. Don't stand for it.
  10. Thanks for the advice guys. I think I will speak to the manager.
    I tried to get in touch with Fendi again and even though I told them I could not make it into the store, they just repeated that I should go in person. I told the SA that all I wanted was a replacement spy in the condition expected of such a high price bag and was told that they have never had any complaints from any other customer about the spy bag?! :huh: I was also told that a credit note was on its way to me, despite me stating that I just wanted an exchange! God, I am so angry.
    When I asked if I was on the waiting list for the honey spy I was told that someone will call me in a few weeks. Does that mean yes?! :rant: I then tried to ask about what spies where in stock and was told that when someone calls me in a few weeks they will let me know!????
    I feel like maybe I should have just kept the choc spy now just to avoid all this hassle. It's not like i have bombarded them with calls or anything. I am just trying to make sure that the same scenario doesn't happen again. :sad:
    I shall ring on monday and ask to speak to the manager.
  11. Don't let them BS you!!! There's been plenty of problems with the spy bag. I for one returned my cognac after it got two huge spots on the front.......I did nothing to the bag.....used it 3 times. The spots were there when I got it and they just getting bigger and bigger with use. They've had a lot of returns with problems on the hardware, color rub-off, etc.

    I get so mad at some of these SA's attitudes. Excuse me, they should be working for you....you're dishing out over $2k.....it's not like it's 2 dollars!! Speak to the manager and tell him/her how you feel.
  12. Fendi Update-I rang and actually spoke to a NICE SA! I explained all the issues I have had with the bag and that I expected the bag in perfect condition. I got a call today telling me that she has picked out a honey spy for me and it will be here tuesday! I shall post pics as soon as it arrives! :flowers:
  13. Good luck, Chloe. I've got my fingers crossed for you! :flowers: