what should i buy?

  1. Okay so I have decided to take my sales bonus money to Holt's and buy a special new bag. I'm the one who only owns Kate Spade bags - I have no other designer bags. The most I have spent on a bag is about 100 dollars. I know that isn't very much, and I am trying to move up to the next level :smile: There are not many stores here that carry high end bags. I want something that I will not get sick of. My budget is no more than 500 dollars. I really need some ideas. They carry Coach, Michael Kors, Chanel, Tods, Kate Spade, Balenciaga, Isabella Fiore, Miu Miu, Prada, Gucci, Hermes, LV, and a few others. I love the miu miu leather, but it's out of my price range, as are some of the others. Any suggestions? I can always buy elsewhere if I know what I'm looking for. I want a soft leather shoulder bag that I won't get sick of too quickly. I also like some of the Isabella Fiore bags for their originality :smile: Any ideas and suggestions for designers in that price range? Thanks!
  2. For that price range, probably only Coach, Tods, Kate Spade....for authentic bags.
  3. for the price, id get a micheal by micheal kors astor or a very small gucci(leather if possible)
  4. how about lv speedy 25? i would say balenciaga, but the price is way far from the budget :P
  5. actually with all the crazy sales going on at Saks/neiman lately, 500 myte be able to get u some marc jacobs if u hunt for it.... bulga is also another brand in that price range, and tho i dont personally own one, lots of ppl on this forum seem to rave about it.
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