What should I buy?


What should I buy?

  1. Chanel cuff and work clothes

  2. LV monogram canvas wapity

  3. LV pochette accessories

  4. All work clothes

  5. Shoes

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  1. Saving is not an option :P

    I have money put aside for my move, now I want to spend some. The bf and I sold our sofa yesterday, and I have $250 burning a hole in my pocket :shame:

    The choices are:

    - Chanel black cuff with white CCs; spend the rest on short-sleeved shirts for work, maybe a pair of pants

    - LV monogram canvas wapity

    - LV pochette accessories

    - Spend it all on work clothes (shirts, pants, cardigans)

    - Spend it on either one pair of expensive shoes, or two pairs of decently-priced shoes

    Help! :nuts:
  2. Last two I would say but if it has to be a bag - pochette.
  3. Go for the Chanel Cuff its fierce.:amuse:
  4. I was looking for option F: Chanel cuff and new MAC lipsticks.

    Do you "need" work-clothes?
  5. Nothing. Save your money. When you arrive at your new location you never know what you may need. Picture on the wall, new curtains, towels, etc!

    Purchase for yourself after you are settled!
  6. The Chanel Cuffs for a sure, and a great pair of shoes they're much more exciting to shop for.

    You can always shop for work clothes another time. :suspiciou
  7. LOL :lol: I totally need a new Lipglass. Add that to the list :P

    I do need short sleeved shirts and polos. Most everything I have is long-sleeved, like cardigans and turtlenecks. But, I'm thinking about waiting until I have a new job in West Palm to make sure what the dress code is. Still, every time I open my closet I get frustrated because I can't find anything to wear. Or so I tell myself :Push:

  8. Hmm, yes, that does leave me with a little over $100 to shop for shoes! :nuts: They must be sandals - I could use a cute pair of wedges to wear with skirts for work.
  9. shoes!!!!!
  10. I felt like a cheater going against LV, but summer shoes are just too fun not to indulge in.
  11. Cuff! It could be your signature piece ;)

    then sell something else and get a wapity..wapity..wapity:lol::biggrin:
  12. You've been talking about that Chanel cuff for awhile now. It's time to get it.;)
  13. You're right, I can't stop thinking about that darn cuff :shame: I should've included an option for the cuff and a pair of shoes, which is now what I'm leaning toward.

    LOL kitskats! :lol: We're selling our big screen TV, but that money is going toward the big honkin' 61" TV the bf wants to buy. I'd rather get a new bag :suspiciou :P Or a wapity!
  14. I think the Chanel cuffs sound sexy. Go for it girl!
  15. I'm voting for the wapity. It'll be great for the summer.