What should I buy with $1000 budget?

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  1. What should I buy with $1000 budget?

    I have $1000 credit on my Neiman Marcus card that I can’t get cash back. After going through different brands, I finally lock down to Louis Vuitton or Gucci.

    I don’t have any Gucci, but I do have 3 Louis Vuitton (Monogram Montorgueil, Monogram Lockit, Damier Speedy 30).

    I need some idea on what should I get for $1000? I don’t want to go over the budget. I want a light-weighted everyday bag.
  2. How about a BBag? They are lightweight and there are various styles and colors to choose from.
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  4. I would try out a Gucci bag since you have decided you would like to try one and also because you already have some fabulous LV bags.
  5. You can get a Balenciaga First for about $1000 or less (I think). Lv is always in demand if you're considering future resale. Bottom line is get something you really love.
  6. One thing, I wonder if you can use your credit at Bergdorf Goodman..arent they sister stores or something? Right now their prices are much better than on Neiman on sale items. And it looks like you live in Chicago - if you can use your credit at BG, you can avoid paying sales tax as well, rather than Chicago's 10.25% (bullcrap) sales tax. Just a thought!
  7. I already have 4 Balenciaga bags, indeed this $1000 is the credit I got for return one of the Balenciaga first I puchased last year.
  8. Not sure. I checked the Bergdorf Goodman site, but couldn't find anything I really like on the sales section.
  9. I am thinking about that. Does Gucci has good resale value?
  10. :tup:

    I'd go for a Balenciaga City! They are little over that but I'd save the extra and go for the City!
  11. how about a watch?
  12. Such a quandry! I don't think I wouild just buy one bag....maye two in the $450 to $500 range.
  13. how about the gucci joy boston! its cute!
  14. Do you have accessories for your LVs? If you don't, maybe put that money toward getting some LV accessories to match them? Like a wallet, agenda, ect?
  15. Ohhhhhhhhh I'd be all over the accessories as well!!!