what should I buy: RM mimi mac or balenciaga hip?

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  1. Hi

    I've already ask the club balenciaga but I've still have doubts.
    For my birthday, I would like a new bag and I can't manage to decide between the 2.
    Any one has the 2 or 1 of the bags? Can I have the pros and the cons of each bag? 1 if you some pics, it would be nice to have a comparison.
    For information, I have several Balenciaga bags. I know the leather & I've already seen the Balenciaga hip. But I've never seen the mini Mac IRL since there is no Minkoff bag in France. I wonder how is the minkoff leather

    Thanks ladies
  2. I think I've replied in the Balenciaga forum. Between a Hip and Mini Mac, I'd get the Mini Mac in a heartbeat.
  3. I have a black mini mac. I thought the leather was surprisingly good for the price. I also feel like I don't have to "baby" this bag as much as I would a Balenciaga, if you know what I mean. But would a chain strap bother you? (The leather bit on the RM strap is a great feature though, very comfortable bag.) I definitely think RM bags are a good value for the money!
  4. I would choose the Balenciaga Bag, mainly because I prefer the optics over the Mini Mac.
  5. Go for the Hip, I love it

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  6. Leather on RM bags is hot or miss and definitely doesn't compare to Bals. OTOH, it's usually more durable and a lot less expensive. If you want an everyday bag you might do better with the MAC. If you want an occasional night out bag I'd go with the Hip.