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  1. So my birthday is coming up november 4th and my boyfriend has agreed to give me about 1500 for a new bag. I obvouisly want a new louis vuitton just because i havnt bought a new one in a while. I really want a bag thats not to fem mabe a shoulder bag monogram or damier canvas. Has to be big and have something fun to it. Bellow I am listing all the bags I have so that no one suggest something I have already

    My Collection

    • Speedy35 monoram
    • Neverfull gm monogram
    • neverfullgm damier
    • neverfull gm graffiti green
    • neverfull mm moracami
    • speedy30 graffiti
    • speedy30 damier
    • speedy30 multicolore black and white
    • Ambre gm
    • sac plat mirroir
    • alma vouage monogram
    • alma vouage gm vernis red
    • Carryall red leather
    • Monogram backpack gm
    Those are the basic bags so im looking for something diffrent please help me I wanna buy a bag that i can really enjoy for a year or 2 and just stay in.


    Thanks so much my Louis Vuitton lovers
  2. Happy early birthday!! How about a Mon Mono Keepall??
  3. I like the Mon Mono idea! It is unique and all about you which would make it a great birthday gift!
  4. Have you thought about the Men's Monogram Macassar Canvas tote in 'Davis?' Looking at what you already have this is different and would look very good on you! The 'Davis' combines the best of everything IMO. Mono canvas with black trim (so you don't have to fret over staining the vachetta) its a tote AND it has an adjustable and removable shoulder strap....awesome. Check it out on the LV site!
  5. Brooklyn ?? Icare ??

    The Mon Mono Keepall sounds like a great idea too (:
  6. Icare :smile:
  7. what about an epi speedy or a mon mono keepall?
  8. I like the Keepall!
  9. Either something Macassar or something Graphite as you have neither - Keepall 45 or Bass, or Graphite Icare!! :drool:
  10. How about a Delightful MM or GM...??
  11. Neverfull gm monogram
  12. Maybe the Palermo GM. I don't think it's feminine at all really... and it is a huge bag!
  13. Maybe something in Mon Mono or the Icare? Like those ideas from the above posters. =]
  14. i think i want that bag
  15. seriously! I just saw a video or two of you on you tube, and I thought I wonder if he's on TPF! Did you ever keep your LV graffiti scarf/stole??

    Anyway have you seen the Odeon GM? you can carry it in the crook of your arm, across the body or shoulder, or just in your hand.. I love it.. its my everyday bag for right now..