What should I add to my Damier pieces?

  1. Alright folks, I have about $350 - $400 to spend (gotta love payday! :yahoo:) and I am planning on stopping by LV at lunch. What should I add to my Damier collection (Speedy 30 and pochette)...

    I was thinking a Ludlow or Cles would be good so I can use it with both bags, although does a full sized wallet fit ok in the pochette too? And which design?! Should I stick with all Damier or go with like a Vernis in Noisette? Would it look odd if I got the Framoise (since I love pink) :love:

    Thanks guys! Love ya.
  2. Damier cles:smile:
  3. I second the Cles - you can use it with your Pochette. Maybe a Bandeau to tie around your Speedy?
  4. Hee, I'm trying to be resourceful. Was goin through my closet yesterday and found a no-name scarf that I thought would match my Speedy...
    Looks ok? :shame:
  5. cles- and go for the pomme. i love red with damier. a bandeau would be nice too. or a wallet like a koala wallet....
  6. A ludlow...any line is ok.
  7. I LOVE Framboise or Fuschia with Damier :yes: I say get the Framboise!!!
  8. ARGH decisions! Have to make one quick, gotta dash off in an hour...hmmm....
  9. hey john, i like that porte valeurs organizer. will that fit in the pochette? i was thinking a ludlow would fit best?
  10. I say Damier Koala!! such a cute wallet
  11. I agree...the damier looks fab with the pomme....here's a pic:
    damier n cles.jpg
  12. lovely. i'm a bit concerned having the cles on the outside though...does it hold up pretty well? i'd be afraid to get it scratched...
  13. That no-name scarf you have on the Speedy looks pretty good!

    As for hanging a Cles as a charm, I am sure it will depend on how rougly you use it. Even if you didn't hang it from the bag, it will show signs of wear from use regardless.

    Good l
  14. Opps double post