What should I add to my collection?

  1. Hey ladies, I've recently stumbled upon this forum and I think it's full of great info!

    I'd like to add a new bag to my collection (something med to large in size) and I'm curious as to what you might recommend. I'm open to any type of canvas or material.

    Here's what I have so far in terms of bags:
    Monogram Petit Ellipse
    Monogram Twin GM
    Monogram Pochette Accessories
    Plum Suhali l'Affriolant
    White Muliticolor Speedy
    Perle Vernis Roxbury Drive
    Damier Ebene Speedy 25
  2. something black epi, jasmin or lockit
    or azur speedy
    or mini lin croisette speedy
  3. How about a casual shoulder bag, like the Batignolles Horizontal?
  4. What about a Damier Trevi???
  5. Tivoli GM!!!
  6. You need something denim (the nem XL-bag perhaps?) or something epi:yes:
  7. Either a Mini Lin speedy or a Denim Neo Cabby
  8. i'm probably one of the few that will say the Ellipse. Love it!!
  9. I think you need something in Pomme!
  10. Tivoli GM would be my vote!
  11. You need some LV denim !!
  12. If you want something large, how about the Mahina? It is very soft leather and very subtle since the LV is perforated in the leather. It comes in gray and black but it is a seasonal bag so if you want to get one, you should ask your SA to track one down for you since it has been out for a few months already.
  13. An epi Alma or Passy.
  14. Epi Alma or Damier Trevi
  15. Check out the Azur Saleya PM or MM. It's an excellent handbag.