What should he buy me for Vday? Need to know before 1pm Sunday!

  1. BF was out of town for Vday (4th year in a row) and he feels bad. Many of you have read about our situation, and he is feeling especially bad seeing as how those 200 lilies are sitting on the dining room table now AND the mystery bag is coming next week!

    I managed to pull off something special this year marking our first successful Vday - I created a "massage parlor" in our guest bedroom complete with champagne, strawberries, massage oils, candles, and me in a full on getup with garters and high heels. Needless to say the couple who never gifts at Vday is changing their plans!

    He said he would take me out Sunday (today for me, tomorrow for some of you west coasters) and let me get a gift that I want - a bag since I'm totally obsessed with TPF lately. What should I pick?

    Hes not going to spend a ton, probably $300 or under since we are thrifty folk. I am hoping to get a good deal on something at a PD sale - anyone know of something good?

    I welcome all suggestions since I have NO ideas right now - the only thing I saw tonight was a black patent Juicy bowler that I liked. I did like a Juicy bracelet - weird since JC is not really my style...maybe I can swing the bracelet AND a bag. Help!
  2. how about a nice wallet to put in the new bag that's on it's way?
  3. Well it seems like you are already getting a bag. If you don't have anything you really love at the moment then save up for something later that you like.
  4. a wallet is a good idea since i bought one last week and sent it back...