What should damier princess do?

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  1. I miss my damier koala wallet....but I like long wallets just cuz everything's so neat...my bills are flat....i love that!

    should I get the Brazza wallet? [​IMG]

    or the porte valeurs?

    what else do you guys suggest? should i get another pattern (not monogram)?

    im confused! and i want to go shopping after work! ;)
  2. ooh ooooh rensky i wish i could shop with you! I'm looking to buy something soon! I think you should get the Brazza or an Amarante wallet! Amarante is so gorgeous but so is Damier!
  3. Between the two, I would go with the Brazza wallet, only because it has more organization, but if you could pick any damier wallet, I would go with the pochette wallet(also cheaper than the brazza)
  4. What about the Pochette Wallet in Damier ebony or azur...
  5. Verinis zippy wallet!
  6. the brazza :choochoo:!
  7. If you still love damier, I think you should get the brazza! It's very sleek and practical!
  8. we should so go together!!!! i was at SCP today but couldn't pick anything! what are u looking to buy? :P

  9. I'm like you now. I have an insolite but it is too big to bring it out on a daily basis. I now keep it and use it as a clutch. I love Damier Koala. Love the red lining with the damier but I heard a lot of bad reviews about Koala being bulky once you put in a lot of bills in it. And the buckle will tarnish overtime??

    So now I'm torn between the porte valeur and the brazza wallet. My bf says both are too manly for me. Can someone post someone modelling pics if have one??? TIA!!!
  10. Brazza wallet, Great wallet!!
  11. I just gave my hub the Brazza in Graphite for Father's Day and he LOVES it.

    At first I was worried because of the size (I had got him a 6card/bill holder in the Utah leather and he said it was too big, so he only uses the insert). But he has been carrying this one all the time since I gave it to him...

    Go for it!! BRAZZA!
  12. Damier Brazza, it's a great wallet.
    I am using the mono one.
  13. Brazza, nice wallet
  14. i have the brazza and its great! very compact and holds TONS!
  15. Either the zippy of eugenie