What should be on my shopping (erm, birthday) list?

  1. Yikes!! Price increase is set to be in effect on Monday, and I have so many little accessories that I have always wanted to get, but haven't done so yet! It's just a great coincidence that my birthday so happens to be exactly one week from today, so tomorrow I'm going to play hooky from work and pay a little visit to my local H store. I never have any luck shopping by myself, so I'm dragging my lucky charm along again (aka DH!). Being a relatively new H lover, I am very content with my small collection so far, but I would love to add more and more to it (at a good, slow pace, of course!!). So far I have a 32 cm Kelly (retourne, black, togo, PH) and a 35 cm Birkin (chocolate, togo, GH), as well as a beautiful bearn wallet (bifold, cyclamen, epsom, PH) and a gorgeous silk scarf I just picked up (black 'Fleurs de Fuchsia'). The holidays were rough for me, so I am not even going to consider another bag until much later down the line (although I will be putting in my PO, and cross my fingers that they don't call me until 1 - 2 years later, LOL!!). There are so many little things I want to get, but I have to give myself a $1000 limit (give or take!). Here's my list so far:

    1. Karo pm - $680 (color doesn't matter!! I need to add some color to my collection!)
    2. Coin purse - style & color yet to be determined
    3. Twilly - $115 (maybe fleurs de lotus? perhaps more than one!)
    4. Scarf - $325 (jardins d'hiver? in pink colorway?)
    5. H belt - $480 (color doesn't matter, PH to match my kelly)
    6. H clic clac - $455 (narrow, color doesn't matter, GH to match my birkin)

    As you can see, I have to cut down on my list! :crybaby:
    I'm going to be getting all these items at some point in time, but I just don't know where to start. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to get them all, but reality is hitting me like a ton of bricks... For the price of all these accessories, I could get a wonderful Evelyne!!
    So, my dear fellow tPFer's, which should be on my priority list of things to get tomorrow? Thank you so much for your input!!!
  2. Happy Birthday Kelly32.
    From your list I would choose a Karo pm.
    There is a little bag that I just bought that is really useful and only $640.00
    I am not quite sure of the name but on my receipt it says onimaitoubis pochet.
    I picked up an orange swift one and love it.
  3. That sounds interesting, duchessofs!! I will have to ask about that! Do they come in any other colors?
  4. I would go for a karo as well in VERY BRIGHT color. Then maybe a couple twillys, or another beautiful scarf.
  5. Happy Birthday Kelly32!!! I think you should go for the karo and the H belt!
  6. I will definitely get a karo (if they are still available...), for sure!
    It's just that I will be tempted with all the other options... I am very weak-willed, and that is quite evident when I tell you that I have my credit card number memorized!!
  7. Kelly32, this bag comes in many colours. I saw it in rose dragee(sp),vert anis, and various neutrals. It has a long thin leather strap(21 1/2" from top to bag) and you can wear it messenger style or on your shoulder. It is 8"x6 1/2" and is thin with an outside slot. A bearn wallet fits easily inside,and a cell phone,passport lipstick and comb. You would not want to stuff too much in.
  8. Love RD -- just added this bag to my list!! THANK YOU, duchessofs!!!
  9. You are welcome! You are brave;I would have RD needing a cleaning within a week!
  10. How about an Hermes belt that is black one side and dark brown the other so that it will work with both bags. I think you can buy buckles separately now, so I would buy one gold, one palladium, then it would be completely versatile.

    If there's a bit of change left over then I would look for a scarf with both dark brown and black in the design so that again it could work with both your bags.
  11. Personally, I would go with whichever scarf you choose and the H belt. Maybe you could throw in a twilly, too, and still stay within your limit

    JMHO :shame:

  12. That's a wonderful idea!!! 4 belts for the price of one... (plus a buckle!)
  13. I'd say go for the Karo as those are being discontinued and the belt! I use my belts almost every day so they've paid for themselves twice over by now!!!
  14. I vote for the belt too....I just got one and love it! What are the measurements of the Karo? I'm not sure I've ever even seen one. I also love my clic clac! Happy Birthday!
  15. ^ ^ I'm not sure of the exact size of the karo, just that it comes in a pm and a gm size. I'll be using it as a makeup bag, so I don't need a large one!