What should be my next purchase?

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  1. I have no idea what my next purchase should be. I think maybe a wallet or some sort of pouch to keep my messenger oragnized? I was looking at the antiqua pouch and it is quite nice.

    Help me out. I need something between 100-300$ It needs to not be faminant and needs to look good for a 16 year old boy intrested in fashion.
  2. go for a Damier wallet :yes:
  3. yeah something in damier would be nice....like a billfold or even maybe a tolietry casE?!
  4. I agree with deluxeduck, a wallet would be a great gift.
  5. wallet!
  6. Wallet!
  7. yup yup.. wallet! Perhaps.. a damier koala?
  8. My brother-in-law is turning 18 and I'm going to buy him a damier wallet, so I say get damier wallet :P
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