what should be my next BV?


campana or cocker?

  1. campana

  2. cocker

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  1. i dont know what color i want yet... but i know i want either a large campana or a cocker.
    please share pros and cons for these bags if you own any.
  2. do you have any pics?
  3. Totally a campana - I was 'trying one on' at Saks just yesterday and was reminded of what a stunning shoulder bag this is.

    I'd go with the campana if you want a shoulder bag and a cocker if you want a hand/arm bag.

    (waiting for my campana in magnolia as patiently as I can) ;)
  4. I don't have any comments on the cocker because I've never tried it on, but I almost bought it before I settled on the campana just based on looks--love the outside pockets! The campana is very comfy on the shoulder and isn't too bulky under the arm.
  5. in my opinion, the campana is a very classic and plain (no, not used negatively, it`s just very simple) bag while the cocker with its details such as the outside lining and the piped lining is so interesting that i never get tired to look at it!

    but it`s also a question of usage, so if you think the campana will fit better with your needs then go for the campana!

    (still voting for the cocker though ;o)
  6. I voted the Cocker too. I don't own either, so it's just a visual personal preference :p
  7. i have a cocker, and i absolutely love it:heart:, i find it more comfortable to carry on my arm/hand. i am thinking of getting a campana sometime soon, as i think it wil be a great bag to throw over my shoulder, and be a bit more casual.
    not much help i know!! it depends on what look your going for and how you wanna use it. good luck
  8. I would say campana for a more casual look and cocker for an office look. I voted Campana because I'm biased because I own one and I love it. But, from the day I got it I knew I needed another bag for the office.
  9. thanks ladies.... keep the vote coming....
    i thnk eventually i want both, but unfortunately, I cant get both in the near future...
    i think both of them will fit my life style. i already have ball bag and the veneta... so the fact that cocker is a bit bulky is not a problem since I can always switch depending on what I need to do.
  10. I was not sure which bag to recommend until your last post. You have a Ball and a Veneta already. I think as a next BV bag a Cocker would be a great addition.
    It would add more variety than the Campana. Campana would still have to be on your list though.

    I have a Cocker and love it. I do not see any cons in this bag, nor do I find it too bulky. It has a rather unique shape. Really , either way you can't go wrong. You will have a bag you love!
  11. i vote cocker. i have this bag and love it to pieces.
  12. I voted Campana because I have one and I'm more a shoulder bag kind of person. Do you prefer shoulder bag or on the arm style?

    Since you have ball bag and Veneta, maybe a Cocker would be a little different and interesting for you!
  13. I, too, was unsure which to choose until you mentioned you have a Veneta and Ball. Therefore, I think it's time for a Cocker to join your BV family! Have you tried it on yet? It's definitely a different look and feel, but soo lovely!

    Let's face it, whichever you choose it will be a great new addition and you'll probably eventually get the other! :graucho:
  14. I think my vote goes for the cocker also, since you have two shoulder slouchy bags already. I love my campana, but like C_24 said, it is a simpler and "classic" design not unlike the veneta. The cocker has such a unique shape, so unlike the veneta and ball bags. Incidentally, I don't feel that the campana is too casual for work, but then again I don't work in the business/finance world, so anything more "designer" than coach is considered fancy.
  15. i voted for cocker! i personally like the style better than campana.. :smile: