WHat should be my next BAG? help

  1. Ok with my income tax I am buying a new bag? What should I get? Pics please, and especially pics of you wearing them. Tell me a little about the bag too. I am so excited.
    I have these bags by the way
    1) LV mono speedy25
    2) LV azure speedy 25:yahoo:
  2. mono speedy is a classic, so that gets my vote
  3. mono is classic... but sunny days are coming so I prefer the azur speedy:smile:))
  4. I alreay have those bags. I wanted another bag though. What do you think:love:
  5. Mono, damier, azur, epi
    Which line are you interested in. This gives us some direction. Hand or shoulder

    I love the mono tivoli gm which can be used as either. Also another hot bag is the Trevi that you can use as either.
  6. mono!
  7. Azur saleya mm. perfect for s/s and since you don't have a shoulder bag i think it's a perfect addition to your family. It's actually my next purchase so i may be a little biased
  8. do you want a bag for work or weekends?
  9. You need something from the Vernis line. How about e Rox in Pomme?
  10. Try a shoulder bag since you have 2 handheld. Try the new vernis range in purple, they are so sweet!
  11. i also have the mono 25 and azur 25 and the next bag i'm craving for is the trevi pm! You so have to get that one, it sooo gorgeous!
  12. I have both bags in the 30 size and love them!!! They're just classic, yet chic! What more can I say!!!
  13. How about the Damier Hampstead MM ?? Its a beauty.. or the damier berkeley!

    A change from the mono canvas and the azur canvas that you already have.
  14. THis is so hard. I want a should bag. I was thinking the neverful pm damier when it cam e out. Girls post some pics for me of the ones you are suggesting
  15. Mono speedy 25 gets my vote! Personally, i feel azur looks nicer on 30 ;)