What should be my last Chanel


Which BLACK Chanel next?

  1. MC Tote

  2. Baby Cabas

  3. Le Marais Large Flap

  4. Expandable

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I think that I'm pretty much done with Chanel (for now) but I'm allowing myself one more bag before the end of the year.
    I currently have
    1. Cloudy Bundle Bowler
    2. Pink Caviar Timeless Petite Shopper (the zipped top)
    3. White Medium Flap with S/H
    4. Red Caviar Timeless Clutch

    I will probably get a black clutch down the line so I think my next addition will be a tote.
    I love the Baby Cabas but I'm worried about issues that some have had with the chain breaking. Also up for consideration is the MC Tote, but I have concerns about the weight. Finally, the Expandable tote but I have worries about the stitching.

    I need a bag that doesn't need to be babied and that I can chuck around and have it still look okay and not "worn"

    For this reason, I'm thinking the Cabas or MC might be more durable in terms of the leather. The large flap from the Le Marais collection is also something I'm eyeing.

    I don't often carry "a lot" of stuff, but I want something that can take it when I do without the handle snapping on me...

    What gets your vote and why?
  2. I voted for the Baby Cabas. It is literally one of the easiest to wear bags that I've ever had. It's lightweight too.
  3. I like the MC and the expandable, a lot. You'll be able to carry tons in both I believe.
  4. How about the Expandable? It's really pretty and can carry a lot too...
  5. I voted for the Baby Cabas - I think it looks best in the black and it sounds like it'll suit your purposes - an everyday bag that'll keep you stylish and chic but not fill with you worry about babying the bag.
  6. Hmmm...its hard, I love both the cabas and MC tote!! Sorry, im no help here.....
  7. baby cabas..Hands down
  8. my vote goes to baby Cabas too :tup:
  9. baby cabas!!
  10. I want to vote for MC tote but it's heavy. I don't think you like it so I vote for Cabas.
  11. I voted for the baby cabas, hands down!

    And I just saw the Marais flap in black at NM, and the new one had some scratches to the leather already! I don't know what kind of leather it is, but the scratches would drive me bonkers!
  12. Crap I voted for the MC on accident. IDK what I was thinking.

    I meant the Baby Cabas. I have the Baby Cabas, and I'm getting the MC tote, but judging from what you said you wanted in a bag, the baby cabas seems perfect for you. I don't baby mine at all and it's help up fantastically!! It's also very very light when empty. :yes:
  13. MC tote:tup:
  14. I think you should go for the baby cabas because it carries a lot of stuff, is pretty durable (even with the strap problems) and is gorgeous.
  15. i vote baby cabas!