What should be my FIRST LV?


Jun 17, 2008
So here's the dilemma. I am purchasing an LV for myself and would typically prefer a shoulder bag but I am willing to consider something handheld. If it were your first (of many) which bag would you suggest?


Doogle's Mommy
Oct 3, 2007
The neverfull is super cute. and practical for everyday.

I was in the same boat as you!! I am a shoulder bag girl all the way for everyday bags, but when I was deciding back in january btw. the cabas piano (my fav shoulder bag) and the hand-held trouville, I bought the trouville for whatever reason. It is so cute and I love her and she's great for dates and more formal occasions, but I got tired of using her everyday after about 6 months and I got depressed b/c I didn't want to tell my hubby I wanted ANOTHER mono bag. but I just had my anniversary yesterday and my hubby bought me a "new to me" cabas piano last week and I am a very happy girl. I have been obviously using her everyday and I don't know why I didnt' buy her the first time, but I'm happy in that I have my favorite hand held and my shoulder.

Just had to share that with you b/c we have all been there. If you want it for everyday, stick with the shoulder bag that looks great on you, otherwise flirt it up a little bit and get something like the speedy, or tivoli, or trouville for sweeter occasions. Let us know how it goes! :smile: