what should be my first goyard and what color ?

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  1. i have been wanting a goyard for a while now. But I have been sidetracked with other bags....
    I need suggestion as to what should be my first goyard bag. it has to have a zippered top and medium size (i am pretty small). As far as color.... black, brown and white are out of the question.

    thanks ladies....
  2. hi me_love :smile: a red Croisiere 35 would be nice.
  3. white!
  4. my first goyard was a marine blue st louis which i love :heart: a white goyard is lovely too i would get one someday :smile: goodluck with your goyard purchase me_love_purse
  5. i was actually thinking about getting something in red....
    so i looked at their website and there are 3 color pallets that i like. when i click on them, it shows these colors that appear to look the same on my computer screen....
    does anyone know the 3 colors that i am talking about... the look like red, burgundy and pink? but they look the same on the st louis...
    i am confused....
  6. white
  7. I got yellow for summer but the skyblue is gorgeous too.
  8. About a month ago, I bought a Green St. Louis PM and I am absolutely in love with it. I want to get a White St. Louis PM hopefully in the next month. It is such a versatile, light, and functional bag that is understated yet chic.
  9. I have a Fidji and I LOVE it. I love the look of the St. Louis, but I'm too big of a klutz to not have a zipper. I would be dumping stuff out left and right. The Fidji is perfect for me. I have it in green, I also love it in yellow or the lighter blue.
  10. green!!! its so pretty in person, but then again so is the blue and red!
  11. Pink is out. They don't make that color anymore....it was too close to the red and burgundy--so they dropped it. You can sometimes find the occasional bag with it...

    The Red is RED and delish. The Burgandy is my FAVORITE color (right now). It's a pink-y red but richer. Like someone took fushia and mixed it with purple and red. Very nice color. I'm also a big fan of the green (YUMMY!) and any shade of blue.
  12. have any pic of the red and burgundy side by side?
  13. My vote is on a yellow fidji! It's a practical and fun color bag.
  14. I agree that a Croisiere 35 would be nice - which would look great in red (not pink). Just don't get one of those tote bags for your first Goyard - they are everywhere here in New York - and are being counterfeited as well! Have you been thinking of how you might have your new bag customized (painted)?
  15. A Burgundy Croisiere 35 would be gorgeous!