What should be my first Chanel?

  1. Last night I dreamt about Baby cabas since I did a lot of research about the bags..and I'm thinking about buy Chanel bags because I'm sure this bag is gonna lasts forever.. many people says Chanel only for elder women...like 30 and up..but I don't care.. i think wanna have one..but still confused which one should I buy first

    1. Bronze Baby Cabas
    2. White Classic 2.55
    3. Black Classic 2.55

    Honestly for the classic, I don't really like the black one...I do but not as much as the white one...but I'm afraid since its white its kinda hard to keep it clean..girllss...please help me out...can't stop thinking about these bags...i wish money is not an issue...
  2. I definitely love my cabas, but the different between flaps and cabas is huge.

    Flaps are great for evening (and even day wear if you get a bigger size. Cabas is fantastic as a daily bag, but not so much for night.

    If you can find a bronze baby cabas, I'd jump on it, since the baby cabas is hard to find these days. You can always get a flap later.
  3. My vote is for the flaps cos they're really classic, but if you need a big bag then you shd go for the cabas. For a first Chanel, I would get a classic style that you can carry lightyears from now!
  4. I came on here a few months ago asking a similar question about bags for my nieces--26 and 32. I received lots of support that Chanel is great for young women; in fact women of all ages!

    Personally, I love the coco cabas, but for your first one, I would look at the classics. Color, light or dark is a decision you'll have to make.

    The first Chanel I gave my younger niece is a black lambskin classic medium flap and she adores it--she always tells me when she wears it and how much it's admired!

    So you will love having one for your own!
  5. how about a classic flap in the jumbo size?! it is great for day wear, less so for evening wear however...
  6. I think the white flap is gorgeous and you can use it for anything- whether for work, shopping, going out for dinner, anything! I don't think it should be too hard to take care of, there are certain things you can do to help keep it white. Good luck!
  7. I vote for classic, esp 2.55 reissue.
  8. a classic, flap bag
  9. go into the store and try on all the different styles and buy whatever your heart desires. you have to LOVE it. there will be many more chanels to come, hopefully!

    personally, for my first chanel, i decided not to go with a cabas, and bought a classic flap. i love wearing it, and it makes me super happy!
  10. woww....thank you so muchh for your help...since I love both..so I think I'll put my name on the cabas list and while waiting I'll buy the classic flap..:yahoo:
  11. Good decision...