what should be my 4th chanel?

  1. so my first was a cambon small tote, blk/blk patent...the 2nd is the outdoor ligne hobo in brown...3rd is on its way to me, med. classic flap in blk caviar with gold HW...what should be my 4th? i'd love to get my hands on a coco cabas, but SA told me there is absolutely none available in canada, i'm not really interested in the denim one that's coming out, and plus it's unlikely i will get one since the waiting list is like huge already, and there's only 2 places to get chanel in toronto, so the supply isn't all that great.

    any suggestions for a 4th?
  2. something w/ color, maybe a blue or white bag?
  3. i like the idea of blue, what are my choices that's avilable in blue? the selection in toronto is very very limited
  4. I just ordered the Coco Cabas in black from Sak's in NYC and they're shipping to Toronto. It's an option if you really want one.
  5. How about a Grand or Petite Shopping Tote in White.
  6. oh really? how much was it? and od you know if they have anymore?
  7. i think you should go for the cabas!
  8. there is none in toronto.
  9. have you seen the royal blue jumbo perforated lambskin (it may be goatskin, not sure) classic flap? its new for spring, was trunk showed, and is already at Saks.....every time i go in there and see it, i drool. too pricey for me at $2495 but a total beauty, and then you would have color in your family!
  10. i know, but you could order one from somewhere...just like LDDChanel did
  11. something blue !

  12. I agree! I love both the GST and the PST! :love:
  13. Hi :smile: The GST or PST would be nice, and that way you'd have a roomy classic to add to your nice collection... or I like the idea of navy to add some color that is still very wearable... navy patent would be so pretty if you like it :smile:

  14. blue Ritz or beige PST or bronze baby cabas
  15. If there is a will, there is a way! If you really want a cabas, keep on trying. I know that Saks will deliver intl. My SA said she took orders from India and Singapore during the price increase rush!