What should be inside the pocket?

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  1. Dear ladies,
    Can I please ask for your advice - I bought a tan leather Gucci bag yesterday from a store (I do not know the name of the bag), no doubts about authenticity. Inside there is a paper care card and a little controllato card- but I could not find a little leather swatch sample (it comes in a whitish little package - that's how I had it on my other Gucci).
    Does it matter? Shall I call the store and ask for a swatch? Or, it being an ordinary leather, it should not be included?
    Your opinions will be so much appreciated, thank you. I am originally a Mulberry fan, so do not know much about Gucci yet.:smile:
  2. Thank you! It is good to know that I sould not worry. It was an authorised retailer, so must be authentic, but I will be delighted to read on authenticity - it is actually very interesting.