What should a guy get? Can't decide!


What shoudl I get?

  1. Olav MM

  2. Olav PM

  3. Macau

  4. Something really small/Or save!

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  1. Hey, so I'm finally setting money aside to buy my first in store purchase! Actually it's my first purchase ever because I sold my Bastille (because of a stain and it was just too big for me) :sad:. Sooooo I'm setting aside around 1,500 to spend. BUT here is where I rattle my brain. I want to buy something from LV that I can use nearly everyday, but I also want to use this money for x-mas presents and some clothes. Do I...... and be aware I'm a 23 yr guy!

    A. Buy a new messenger (eyes set heavily on the Olav MM ) I like it because it has zipped closure and a unique shape. It would hold my books and daily essentials. So I get this, which is roughly 1,300, and spend a couple hundred on presents and buy no clothes

    B. Buy a Olav pm which is around 700. I love this bag because I can put all of my daily essentials in it since I hate putting things in my pockets but I would have to buy a cheaper non LV book bag for school. Plus spend the rest on presents and some clothes

    C. OR should I buy a Damier Macau/Macao? I love this clutch/wallet but all of my friends tell me guys shouldn't sport this around. And I'm not sure if holding the Macau would get annoying and having a hands free Olav PM might seem more practical. I would be able to put most of my daily essentionals in it but not a water bottle. So If I get the Macau I would have around 800 to spend on presents and clothes.

    Sorry for asking many questions :sad: But I just can't seem to make a decision! Would love to hear your thoughts:supacool:
  2. Olav MM. If your eyes are set heavily on it, it would be a grand shame to look back, clutching a Macau and thinking "hmm..".
    To me, the MM just feels better on than the PM - it fits all your essentials, is a great, differently-styled everyday bag, and the Macau clutch is well... a clutch :push:

    But I reccomend visiting a store with your everyday bag full of your essentials, then asking if you can stuff your things into both and trying them on for feel before deciding. And don't rush. I spent more than an hour in the store when picking out my last item. LV staff is there to cater to you, not the other way round :graucho:
  3. I think you should get the Olav MM, if you can manage the $! It sounds like it would serve all your needs! Can you come up with clothes and Christmas $ somewhere else.......:confused1:
  4. I think you should get the Olavs. Sizes, I am not sure,
    but the Olav look is stunning. its just how much you want to pay.
    i think you should get the smaller as the olav
    and than you will have money for presents and such.
    left over money can go in bank towards your next lv purchase
  5. get Olav MM i reckon, as you said its big enough to store all your daily essentials and your books. this way you dont have to buy separate bag for school.

    and you can just use it daily outside school.

    buy no presents, and buy clothes for yourself LOL! just kidding.. the rest of your money can be used to buy presents, wait few more months to buy clothes. or maybe you will get clothes for xmas lol!

    and i think Damier Macau is alright for guys to sport around. in china, its like every single men have a men clutch or whatever they call it these days.... the men here bring their men bags everywhere from grocery shopping to working. and i often see men buy new man bags at the LV store too.. :smile:
  6. Olav MM gets my vote!
  7. B - get another non-LV book bag since you'll just be schleping your book bag on the floors and you don't want to do that w/ your LV.
  8. Not many people have the Olav MM... I'd get that!
  9. Olav MM
  10. Thanks for replying everyone and sharing your comments! I believe I am leaning toward the Olav MM. Keep the suggestions coming! :smile:
  11. i would personally go for the Olav MM (i've got one). but in your situation, i think option B is the best way to go :yes:
  12. I voted for B and I should have bought it instead of a US$1200 Caryall!!
  13. I vote for A! Get what you truly want. Otherwise you'll still be pining for the same item and eventually end up buying it. So spending more money initially is saving in the long run :tup:
  14. Spend whatever amount that you'll be comfortable with. If you paid too much than planned you may regret your purchase! You could always save up and buy LV later, they'll always be there for you.
  15. Either Olav MM or PM would be great! I got Olav for DH as an everyday bag so he can put his cell phone, walllet, keys, etc. in it. As far as a book/laptop bag, he has plenty of other messenger bags for this purpose. I think Olav PM is a great everyday bag for men.