What should a girl's first diamond be?

  1. I've never bought myself a diamond before, but I'm starting to think maybe it's time to treat myself. Obviously a ring is out (save that for the boy of my dreams), but I can't really decide on what I should get? A pair of studs? A necklace? Should it be fashionable?

    I was thinking something understated so I could wear it everyday (why wouldn't you want to show it off).

    What do you all think?
  2. How about a pendant?
  3. diamond studs would be my choice. they are a classic that you can dress up or down. jeans or a cocktail dress. timeless!!!

    good luck:yes:
  4. Diamond studs!! Or a pair of diamond cluster earrings...I LOVE mine!!!
  5. studs!! Staple to any jewelry box. My family's jeweler is coming this year to US on business, and one of the things I was going to request was some good ole diamond studs.
  6. It depends on what you like. :smile: If you're a necklace girl, get a solitaire. More of an earrings girl? Get studs.

    I have both (along with my diamond wedding band) and I wear them all the time, but more so the solitaire necklace because I'm really a big necklace person.

  7. Studs are nice. I bought studs after getting my first real job.
  8. I personally get much more use out of necklaces than earrings, but that's because of my personal habits, so it probably depends on your style & tastes. I'd get either a solitaire or something else that is simple. My brothers and I recently got my mom a diamond pendant like the one below. The metal is much less prominant than in the picture and a nice size. So I think there are lots of options out there :smile:
  9. i'd get diamond studs. i wear mine ALL the time and love them!!
  10. I agree with diamond studs :yes:
  11. I'd go for diamond studs because you can wear them anything.
  12. Sounds like studs are the popular vote. I think I'll get some studs. They seem more practical for a beginner.


    Buttery, funny you say that because I sort of consider this my first real job. :P
  13. I think I diamond cross is a great idea. I wear mine all the time. I also have the rose pendant from Tiffany's that I wear quite often. Here's a pic of it.
  14. Diamond studs or a one diamond pendant are very stylish for any age. Save up and get really, really good-quality diamonds so you'll be proud to wear them for a long time. :smile:

    My first diamonds were technically the studs that were bought for me when I got my ears pierced at the age of 3. This past summer, my grandmother went all-out generous and gifted me with a small pavé heart, and I think it's wonderful for someone my age. It's small enough that it's appropriate for a young girl, and it makes a cute "someone loves me!" statement that a younger person can easily get away with.

    I wouldn't get a ring. I'm saving that for when I get engaged/married -- make _that_ statement at the right time. :smile:
  15. I would say perhaps a nice pair of diamond studs, i mean you cant go wrong! diamond studs are classics and will never go out of style, the match everything, they dress up things that look casual etc. Or a diamond pendant, is also very classy and will never go out of style!!! tell us what you eventually decide!