What should a girl do...come and see what came today

  1. Thanks to Debwonger & Babypie I was able to obtain the patent VP's with red tip from BG in my size. BG also had the yoyo in my size and I grabbed it.

    Do you ladies think that they are similar in style? If you could return one, which one would you return? I like the VP's alot, but I also like the fact that the yoyo's are not too high. I also pre-ordered the black glitter No Prive's. Does it make sense to keep all three?

    100_1783.jpg 100_1809.jpg 100_1801.jpg 100_1811.jpg 100_1827.jpg
  2. I don't think that you should keep all three because they are so similar. You could get a brown leopard VP, Rolando dark red, or a simple to make your collection more diverse.

    I guess it depends on how you will be wearing them. More details......

    They look great on your feet! I was jealous when you got them because it is my size too, but Asha e-mailed me about another 40 at BG and I scooped it up.
  3. Wow what a difficult decision... I love all three styles, and I usually think you can never have enough black, but maybe all 3 being black patent is too much?? :shrugs:While your feet look lovely in both pairs, IMO the yoyos are just absolutely stunning on you! They look so elegant and refined. OF all three I would probably pass on the glitter slingbacks, just because they might be the trendiest of the three. (But honestly if you can afford to keep all three- do it because they are all beautiful!:p)
  4. I agree, keeping all three would be a bit much. Between the VP and yoyo I prefer the look of the VP, but I know what you mean about the height -although they may not feel that high, they do look high with the platform. How about keeping the VP's and getting the yoyo's in a different color or material? Do you have a preference on the tip, burgundy vs. gold? That might help your decision too.

    I'm not really feeling the glitter either, but if it's a matter of keeping 2 out of the 3, the yoyo's and NP's will be the more diverse combination.
  5. I love them all!
    BUT...if you HAD to get rid of one I would also say the glitters. Love them, but the others or more classic. If you can afford to keep them all just re-order the glitters in a different color. :smile:
  6. Glad I could help :smile:

    The VPs are my fave, they look stunning with the red tip. The yoyos dont look too similar IMO, they are more elegant without the platform. I agree with others when I say the glitters are the trendiest. I'd cancel those if I had to pick.
  7. Love them all! But I would get rid of the glitter prives too.
  8. Both pair are gorgeous and you totally rock them, girl!

    ITA, if any had to go, it would be the glitter for me.
  9. IMO, i would definitely keep the VPs and yoyos.. yep for sure you can never have enough of black and i'm just a sucker for patent! however, i do think the NP in black glitter would be a repetition of what you already own. i'm not sure if the glitter would be seen on the black patent but i for sure definitely wouldn't let go of those VPs - they're just TDF and HTF. as for the black yoyos, they are a true classic and i would keep at least a pair in my collection (i'm a sucker for yoyos too i have a pair in nude and am ordering the beige glitter ones!)
  10. I agree since I m not such a big fan of glitter I would try to get the NP in a diffrent color.
  11. I appriciate all the comments so far. As for another color for the NP's, I did pre-order the nude ones yesterday morning.
  12. The VPs look great on your feet. I say keep them, along with the Yo-Yos, and cancel the glitter NP order.
  13. I agree with all the other ladies. I wouldn't let go of the black vps w/ burgandy tip or the yoyo w/ gold tip b/c they not only look great AND, but they are also very hard to come by. I would definitely cancel the glitter NP. They aren't nearly as special as the others.
  14. Oooh I love love love the VP's with the red tip... gorgeous! I got the suede ones but it has black tip.. would kill to have the red though! Well done they look gorg!
  15. :tup: I second that - especially regarding the yoyo w/ gold tips.