Workplace What should a cover letter consist of?


Mar 14, 2010

I am in process of looking for other jobs as my current position in the medical office I am at...there is no possibility of me growing within the company and since I have been here for over 6 months, I haven't received my promised benefits & evaluation and possible raise I was initially told...thats just a portion of the reason why I am deciding to leave.

I am wondering, what should a great cover letter consist of? (Yes, I saw the other Cover Letter thread below, but nobody responded to that one and it isn't what I am looking for)

What is a good opening line? what should the body consist of and include? How would I wrap up the cover letter and make them WANT to review my resume?

Thanks guys :smile:
This is the template/advice I've been going by because it's actually a LOT different than what I had been using. I'm interested to see if it gets any different results.

Prior to this, I'd been using the age-old 1st paragraph = how you learned of the job + how you fit. 2nd paragraph = address your skill set and more about how you fit the description. 3rd paragraph = describe previous position(s) and accomplishments in it. 4th paragraph = closing. It's how I've always been taught and I can't say it garnered any special attention.

PS - I'm not in the law field so I've had to be extra clever when thinking mine out.