What *should* 20-somethings be wearing now-a-days?

  1. There are soooo many different styles and trends out there right now that I no longer have any idea of what's considered "appropriate" for 20-somethings now a days. There's cashmier and cotton and sweaters and tight shirts - v-necks, boat-necks, graphic tee's, sweatpants, shorts, juicy - velour - hot pants, capri's - aeropostale, banana republic, jcrew, old navy - styles vary soooo much. Is 20-something "too old" for stores like aeropostale? Is Saks "too old" for 20-somethings? Turtle necks, button-ups, slacks, and pencil skirts - how does one not feel completely and utterly lost when walking through a mall??? :confused1:
  2. I feel the same and I am 27 but I do look a lot younger, at least thats what people always tells me, sometimes I even buy workout clothes, jeans and tshirt's from the juniors department but everything looks very good on you, you've got a good style !!!
  3. I think it depends on personality, job, lifestyle, etc.
    a 20 something whose job is her image obviously should dress the part, whether it be tailored trousers with a funky but tasteful blazer, or dark denim jeans with a nice blouse. I don't think aeropostale is wrong for lounge wear, just be comfortable in your own skin and clothes.
  4. i think you should wear whatever you feel comfortable in, regardless of age. although i think good jeans, a white shirt and a black cashmere cardigan are a staple in anyone's wardrobe.
  5. That's so sweet! :heart:
  6. I am 23, and dress for the environment where I am going to be.

    At work, I wear alot of Banana Republic, Ann Taylor, etc. Very classic styles (I work at a law firm).

    When I go out, I usually wear something more revealing and alittle 'trendier'. I like Nordstroms and (gasp!) even Express (for cute little tops).

    For 'everyday', I wear alot of Anthropologie (my fav store!!)
  7. i agree...

    i dress for the environment, as well as for myself.

    i'm in grad school, so for classes- juicy suit, tencel/modal (my favorite fabric for dresses) dresses w/ flats [juicy, j.crew], or a simple top and slim rinsed (i can only wear rinsed or black jeans...anything lighter than dark dark blue or black makes me gag) jeans w/ flats/sneakers [juicy, vans, converse].
    for meeting with editors- pretty much whatever i want as long as it is chic...if i'm wearing something kooky, i do simple clean makeup and my hair pulled back into a low ponytail or tight bun.
    for running errands/around the house- same as i wear to classes.
    going out- vintage dresses (which i collect while traveling) with my louboutin ankle boots, rochas pumps or any pair of pedro garcia pumps. i detest a cutesy "going out" top/jeans/heels to go out, but that's just me. it does look precious on tons of girls.
    brunch/dinners/movies with friends- dress/flats, vintage top (i'm addicted to vintage blouson tops)/jeans/stacked heel, vintage top or boatneck top w/ slim, ankle length pants/flats.

    i have a ton of clothes, so i never have an issue deciding what to wear. i have a solid arsenal of dresses that i can wear a zillion different ways (dresses are easiest, imho...you can change the entire look with just a bag/shoes). i also buy things that fit me well and simply buy what i like. i never look to magazines to inspire what i wear because they just cloud your thought process, imho.

    have fun with your wardrobe...don't focus on trends OR classics. simply buy what is flattering and what makes you feel good.

    people tend to get hung up on classics, imho...while you shouldn't go out looking like a skank (lol!), you should look modern. you can bother with the perfect white shirt and black trousers when you're 50 and nothing else looks good on you (NO OFFENSE TO ANYONE OF THAT AGE).
  8. As a fellow 20-something, I think it's all up to you and your own personal discretion. Really, I would pay attention to what you don't like to see your peers wearing and incorporate classic pieces that you do really like into your wardrobe. That way you can capitalize on the fact that you're still young and trendy but not look like you're a posterchild for an adult that dresses too young (or old!) for her age.

    I don't think there are any stores that are offlimits, really: I still pick up a few pieces every now and then from teenie stores like Hollister, A&F, Wet Seal, and Forever21. It's all in how you wear it and mix it into your wardrobe. If I wear a bright shirt I certainly won't throw in huge plastic baubles, and if I'm at work wearing crisp khakis and a boring button-down shirt I'll wear funkier jewelry and shoes. It's all about finding that perfect balance between trendy and classic that is both flattering and comfortable for you yourself :yes:.
  9. contemporary designer sections in dept stores (i guess) are geared toward the 20-something-year-old. theory dvf marc jacobs etc. brands like these are marketed toward us (Y.E.S. in Bloomingdale's; Co-op in Barneys; scoop, intermix, not sure what the name of it is at macy's - all i know its the 2nd floor of the 34th st. manhattan location lol)
    but i agree - depends on your own personal style and environment. as much as i am drawn to those departments, i have to force myself to not overspend since i work fulltime now and i have to dress accordingly