What shoes would you wear with this dress?

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  1. Looking for opinions - I just bought this dress and love the color, but am not entirely sure what shoes to wear with it. Should I stick to satin shoes, and if so, contrasting color or neutral (black/brown)? Nude shoes to let the dress stand out? Can I pull of wedges/sandals or is that too casual? My only caveat is that they need to be heels - I don't do flats.

    I have no specific event to wear this to, and am not limited by choosing from the shoes I have (i.e. I will buy a new pair if necessary). Give me ideas! :biggrin:

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  2. Cute dress. I think bone/patent coloured heels would look good because you would definitely want to show off the colour of the dress.
  3. Cute, Nico! I think a brown sandal would be cool too. I have a pair of brown suede sandals that have a platform and ankle strap that I think would look good with this dress, so I'm sure you can find something similar. Probably stay away from black. Is there any pink in the dress? Maybe a really pale pink sandal might look good too, if so.
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  5. Patent nudes - the dress needs to stick out
  6. something nude....
  7. I agree with nude pumps. :smile: The dress is pretty attention-grabbing...to wear flashy colored shoes would be too much?
  8. Thanks ladies! After I got it and tried it on I was leaning towards nude as well.
  9. I would say a metallic (gold, etc.), nude patent/camel patent (my favorite), brown/luggage (if you want to dress it down, but this depends on the shoe of course) could all work!
  10. i like either gold metallic or the brown as well... nude doesn't seem like the right shade to go with the orange.
  11. Nude heels or wedges
  12. Fiery, your fashion advice is always appreciated as you are the queen of accessorizing :queen:! I actually pre-ordered YSL t-strap tributes in sable patent (nude). I'm thinking the circle pattern on the shoe will tie into the pattern on the dress really well. I'm also trying to track down CL very galaxys in platine (light gold). I'm thinking either one of those will look fab.

    Thanks for all the advice!!
  13. I think the sable Tributes would look good, as would any of fiery's suggestions. I was thinking along the same lines.
  14. i'd go for nude, or perhaps something in taupe or a dull gold.
  15. the light gold Galaxy's would work well, plus, they're a beautiful & versatile choice

    (I was just kidding about the booties; but I thought it was funny since they're the exact same color, lol)