What shoes would go best with this dress... Help pls <3

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  1. [​IMG]

    What shoes would go best with this dress in Navy blue, Same brown belt
    Thanks guys!! :heart:
    -- going to dinner in it and then out for a bachlorette party!
  2. you didn't get the same shoes in that pic? :biggrin: Nice dress!
    I'm picturing this with pointy toe stilletos
  3. im clueless w shoes!
  4. A white or metallic shoe would go nicely... I'd personally stick to a sandal similar in style to the one in the photo.
    Are you keeping bare legs with the dress? If so definitely a gladiator style would look killer.
  5. what color shoes... would brown work or no
    I do have white though
  6. Dark platforms. they can be dark brown, black, blue whatever the color you like to match other accessories. A grey dress is easy to accessorize.
  7. I couldnt find a picture of the navy blue dress but thats the one I have, not the grey. :smile: