What shoes with this dress?

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  1. This is for a baptism and I don't wear shoes over 4 inches (prefer to stay under actually). Do I go with an off white to match the belt? Need some suggestions with pics if possible. Thanks girls!

  2. Wow, those Loubs are perfect, but why so cheap? Is that site legit?
  3. ^That's a website of fakes, unfortunately.

    I think you could with almost anything really. I would suggest red or raspberry pink patent (fun!), grey/taupe (a neutral that would definitely go), camel (can't go wrong!), CL nude (a pinky based nude that would elongate the line of your leg and look fabulous), something sparkly (because I adore sparkles haha - although maybe not for a Baptism, hmm), a metallic (champagne, gold, silver, rose gold, whatever!!) etc. etc. :P

    These are nice (and very versatile)... just a quick look through, because I have to run.


    The Miss Diors are soo comfy!

    Definitely a conservative heeled, matchy shoe. :smile:

    Rouge patent Ferragamo - low heel!

    Guess grey patent:

    IMO, you really can wear anything haha! :smile:
  4. There's a nude metal patent coming out soon... that would be perfect... you can hop over to the CL forum to read about it, or better yet, call a boutique to inquire! :smile: