What shoes with this dress?

  1. I just ordered this MbMJ dress from NM:


    Now...what color shoes would I wear with it? I'm NOT gonna do knee-high boots like the model. The dress is a pale gold color. Stick with gold? Can I do bronze? Black? Taupe? Or go contrasting with dark blue or purple?
  2. Taupe sounds nice,I woudn't do black to harsh light gold is nice . I don't know your style but a nice pair of slingbacks for going out or balletflats for the day seem fine. I will look around how tall you are, weight etc...plays into it too
  3. Personally, I would do the pale gold shoes to match the dress. It's such a pretty dress you wouldn't want to take away from it by wearing bold shoes.
  4. since its winter right now i would do boots
  5. Nude flats would look great.

  6. definitely a pale gold but i would love to see a dark purple or blue for contrast
  7. How about a dark brown color of pumps or something like that?
  8. My first thought when I saw the dress was taupe round toed pumps.
  9. I would wear gold or black shoes.

    Something like a black ronaldo?
  10. I think you have a lot of choices, Camel, Tan, Bronze, Gold, Taupe and maybe even bone or white if its not a bright white......?
  11. A good point. I think pale gold or brown would look good. The pale gold is pretty neutral so you could pair it with a lot of different shoes I think.
  12. I think it would depend on the time of day. For the day time or just something casual, a light coloured shoe would be perfect; however, if you want to go out and have fun, a bright, bold shoe would certainly make a statement.

    That dress is beautiful, by the way! I can pretty much say any shoe would look really cute with that dress!