What shoes with this dress?

  1. Sorry to post this in here, but I just ordered this dress. Which CL's would you wear with it? Can I get away with wearing the La Donna Mary Janes or should I buy another pair?
  2. you could, but I'd wear peep toes. I have those CLs and they make my feet look huge, so I personally don't know if they'd look good with any dress... but maybe they look better on you
  3. They make my feet look huge as well, but hey, they still look good! So peep toes? I have the No Prive P1845 in Roccia, but I think they will take away/not go with the pattern on the dress.

  4. I personally think the La Donnas would be too heavy. I would do a peep toe - possibly a nude satin/patent, or a very bold colour shoe (depends if you want the shoe to be the focal point or not).
  5. No Prives would look good with this.
  6. Do you think the python shoe will take away from the print on the dress?
  7. oh i love that dress! it's from D&G, if i am not wrong? ;) i believe a pair of Prives will go very well with the dress... especially if it's in patent leather nude/black patent would be fabulous! not too much to take away the beauty of the dress but hot enough to get noticed (i am a sucker for patent leather LOL).
  8. It is a D&G. I absolutely love it! Guess I'll have to find me some nude or black patent prives!
  9. I always like to a pair a colored shoe with a black dress. I agree with the comments about la donnas, I don't think they would work here, I think VP or NP would be perfect.
  10. I guess Python would be ok but I think solid would be better. If you can get a pair of RED patent prives, it would look so HOT!
  11. Thats exactly what I pictured with this dress. Or the red patent Rolandos...which is almost impossible to find now :crybaby:
  12. I think they have some at Holts in Canada but their prices are more than US prices!
  13. I love colored shoes with a black dress!

    Barneys SF had them yesterday. I don't know what sizes they had available, but they did have one on display.

    This dress is so versatile, a lot of shoes (not just CL) would go with it. I also think strappy sandals would look good with it. I do not think the Ladonnas are quite right with the dress and though your python Numero Prives are gorgeous, for some reason I do not think they would on point with the dress.
  14. I just remembered that I have some Alfani sandles that have rhinestones on them. That just might do it. I'm dying to get the Rolandos. I may have to stop by Barney's after work!
  15. Good luck! I would love to see pictures with what you end up wearing.