What shoes with Dk Silver Reissue

  1. Since I got my new 2008 Dark Silver reissue 226, I have been on the hunt for shoes to go out in that will coordinate (but not necessarily match). I like this bag for nice dinners, drinks, etc.

    I purchased the Lady Gres CL's in pewter and the color horribly clashes. I have red and nude patent CL's, Black satin Manolos,and some others that I could wear. I was thinking Very Prive CL's in either black or that anthracite color. Please offer some suggestions
  2. I think some nude shoes would go great.
  3. Black or grey/silver shoes.....
    or two tone, black and grey/silver shoes
  4. sorry, u may wish to take a look at my footwear at my thread "A Little Gem from Paris..."
  5. The Black, Nude, Red that you've mentioned from CL and Manolo. I'm not sure how well the CL Anthracite might go since I'm thinking it's too close to the CL pewter color.
  6. Nude VP's or NP's look great with it or balck patent. I think the color is so versitile, you can wear with most colors. What about the nude Jolie CL's (with the bows)? or bronze rolandos?
  7. Hm. Well you see, Silver is indeed a "neutral" color. So, as a neutral color, any other neutral or bold color would go with it. For instance, if you wore a hot pink scarf with your silver reissue, and paired it with hot pink shoes, it would work. Or, you could just stick to wearing navy, black, nude, silver, gold. It just depends on your imagination, and your preference. :yes: