What Shoes Will Look Great With This Dress

  1. I have a Christmas Party coming up and need suggestions for the shoes. I will probably be on my feet for 6+ hours, so I'm trying to figure out if I want to wear heels or not. Here are my thoughts:
    -Black leather or patent shoes with black pattern leggings (like the Banana picture...purple dress)
    -Heels to accent the purple (orange shoes; pictures are posted below)
    -Flat gold shoes

    Any other suggestions

    This is the dress I have purchased...



  2. ^^Can't see pics.
  3. pics are up. sorry.
  4. I like your option #1 (like the BananaR picture).
    Your option #2 - NO! The orangy shoes will clash with the color of the dress.
    Otion #3 - Very cute, but if it's a Christmas Party, the flats would downgrade the dress, kwim? Maybe next time (another ocassion) you could wear the dress w/ the gold flats and maybe with some footless tights/leggings.
  5. Another vote for the black!!
  6. I'd go with the black tights and shoes. That look is very in right now and looks really classy and chic. With the light air of the material, it really pulls the look together. The second shoe, looks like it doens tmatch quite right and would also distract from the fabric and simplicity of the dress that makes it gorgeous.
  7. anymore votes?
  8. The black shoes and black tights would look the best I think.

    Love the dress btw!
  9. I like the black tights and shoes too.
  10. I think either black shoes or the orange ones would work. The orange and purple could be a good combination. I can't say for certain without seeing the two next to each other in "true colors" (as opposed to guessing based on my monitor's color balancing).

    Gold or silver heels could work also like the CL pigalles (without graffiti).
  11. Black! The flats are too casual, the orangy ones clash and are not dressy enough IMO. I do love the dress, very cute!
  12. Before I even read your choices I was thinking "black patent"!
    But I'd go for something a little less clunky than the model pic you posted :smile:
  13. When I initially bought the dress, both me and my sister were saying black patent. Maybe I'll have to revert back since the "black look" is winning.
  14. the black tights and shoes.
  15. I vote for black patent!